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Strong Circle Day: June 21, 2016
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Thank you for joining us for #StrongCircleDay. 
All of your support - donations, tweets, Facebook posts, discussions with colleagues and friends about your City Year experience - is what Strong Circle Day is all about. 

Strong Circle Day is a day of alumni giving and reflection and an opportunity to celebrate our growing strong circle of alumni. With the addition of this year’s graduating corps, the City Year alumni community has grown to 25,000 alumni who stand shoulder to shoulder in support of City Year’s impact in schools and communities.


Will you join your fellow alumni in making a gift of $25 in celebration of reaching 25,000 alumni to help City Year increase the number of students served annually to 900,000 by 2023? CLICK HERE to make your gift today.


You can also help by spreading the word online to your alumni friends – and tell everyone in your social media networks why you are proud to support City Year. This year, we also invite you to temporarily change your Facebook profile picture to this image & share a graduation memory: a memory of your own graduation from school, City Year, or another program, or a memory of someone in your life graduating, maybe this was a student of yours at City Year, or a sibling or another family member. Don’t forget to use #StrongCircleDay!


Post on social media:

Growing the Alumni Family: 

CLICK TO TWEETWelcome to the alumni family, @CityYear graduates. You make our circle stronger! #StrongCircleDay.   

CLICK TO POST: Alumni, do you have a favorite graduation memory? Share it with us today for #StrongCircleDay!   

CLICK TO TWEETNo matter where we served, our City Year memories connect us. #StrongCircleDay    

Donate Call to Action: 

CLICK TO TWEET: The @CityYear alumni community is 25,000 strong. Celebrate by making a $25 gift in honor of your team. #StrongCircleDa 

CLICK TO TWEETGraduation is a milestone I hope all my students reach. I donated $25 to continue supporting them. #StrongCircleDay

Thank you for your support!

Questions? Contact Laura Kazanovicz, National Alumni Manager, at