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Alumni Career Advisors

City Year alumni have a wide range of talents and experiences, so why not connect with someone who has done City Year and now is going down the path you want to follow?

More than 500 City Year Alumni have volunteered to be a Career Advisor in more than 20 fields including education, nonprofit, consulting, communications, nonprofit, medicine, public health, law, social work and many more.

Note: You can sign up to be an Alumni Career Advisor by checking off the career pathway(s) you feel comfortable offering advice in the "Alumni Career Advisor" field in your alumni account.  

Tips for connecting with an Alumni Career Advisor:

1. Each career field has at least 5 and typically more alumni with experience in that field.  Review each alum's profile to get a sense of who you would like to connect with.

2. If there is an alum you would like to connect with, first see if the alum published their email on their profile.  If he or she shared email address, contact the alum at the email provided by identifying your affiliation with City Year, that you saw their City Year Alumni Career Advisor profile and that you would like to see if he/she has time to connect by phone.  If the alum did not provide an email address, send a message through  

3. Having trouble connecting with an Alumni Career Advisor?  Search for him or her on LinkedIn and send an invitation to connect. Sometimes people include their email address on their LinkedIn profile. There are also more than 3,330 alumni who have joined the City Year Alumni Association LinkedIn group which provides even more opportunities for alumni connections.

4. Before scheduling a call with an alum, come prepared with questions you would like to ask about their background such as how their City Year experience prepared them for their career, any key influences, experiences, education that helped shape their path in their profession, etc.

5. After you connect with alum, please send a thank you message.  Remember, that alum is also now invested in your success, so keep him/her updated throughout the year and share progress on your next steps.

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