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Future Educators Network: February 2016 eNews
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In This Issue

1. Creating a Positive Culture Within the Smaller Context
2. The City Year Experiment: To Teach or Not To Teach
3. Moccasin City Year
4. FEN Career Survey
5. Funding available for sports team projects at


“Nothing fills your soul like teaching,” said Chloe Wiley, principal at Baton Rouge Bridge Academy.

Learn more about Education Pathways at City Year Baton Rouge >


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February 29: TNTP Teaching Fellows
March 4:
Teach For America
March 11: Aspire Teacher Residency
March 11: Roots Elementary Teaching Fellowship
March 15:
 Center for Inspired Teaching

March 28Urban Teachers


Creating a Positive Culture Within the Smaller Context

When a student interacts with a City Year AmeriCorps Member, it is very likely that student will also come into contact with aspects of the City Year culture... For those schools lacking a positive culture, how is a teacher or AmeriCorps Member to work around low expectations for students, little to no collaboration amongst administrators and teachers, or an environment that values punishing students for their mistakes rather than teaching them?

Read on for some inspiration from Sergio Plaza (San Antonio '15, '16) on how to create a positive culture with students in their classrooms>

The City Year Experiment: To Teach or Not To Teach

"For many corps members, the “City Year experiment” is a defining factor in deciding whether or not they want to go into teaching. Some corps members come into City Year dedicated to becoming teachers, only to discover through their service that the profession is not for them. On the other hand, some corps members come into City Year having never given teaching a second thought, only to discover that it is their dream job. Some people are caught somewhere in the middle, fluctuating between the prospect of teaching versus the appeal of other opportunities. The place where you are on the spectrum doesn't really matter. The only thing that really matters is that you begin to use your service experience to help guide you in the right direction." 

Future Educators Task Force Member Matt Spellman, who next year will be serving with Boston Teacher Residency, one of City Year's Career Partners, reflects on his time at City Year as he experimented with the idea of being a teacher.

Click here to learn more about the thoughts of Matt Spellman (Providence '15, '16) on the experiment >

Moccasin City Year

Moccasin experiences are critical to learning and gaining perspective, which is why we hold them to be so important in our City Year culture. They help you discover the essence of another person, they clarify unfamiliar situations, and they lead to stronger bonds and communities.

With this moccasin spirit in mind, FEN Task Force member Erica Rickey would like to offer you a chance to moccasin what it is like to be a City Year AmeriCorps Member.

Click here for a chance to moccasin what it is like to be a City Year AmeriCorps Member from the perspective of Erica Rickey (Jacksonville '15, '16) >

Future Educators Network Career Survey

We want to know where you are working, what grade level you are teaching, or where you hope to work*! 

Please help us by completing this survey. It will also help us to share jobs with you that are most interesting as you further your career in education. 

City Year now more than ever is focused on harnessing the power of our alumni in our ability to achieve City Year’s long-term goals. When this year’s corps graduates, our alumni community will grow to 25,000- strong across the country. Sharing your information with us will help us to best serve you and the alumni community. We are focused on providing career and education opportunities to our alumni and knowing more about each of you will help us to support your career and education paths. 

*For currently serving ACM's, please feel free to share what you are interested in doing for your LACY. 

Funding Available for Team Sports Projects on

The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation is sponsoring a half-off match offer for team sports projects on This means that if the first half of a project is funded, The DICK'S Sporting Goods Foundation will fund the second half, no matter the cost! There is still a little under $1 million in funding for this opportunity, so spread the word to all teachers and coaches in public education and encourage them to submit a project for sport's team today, and take advantage of this funding! For this opportunity, teachers can post projects on behalf of coaches. For more details, click here

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