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University Partnership: Carnegie Mellon University - H. John Heinz College

Heinz College


City Year is proud to partner with Carnegie Mellon University’s H. John Heinz III College, a leading graduate school focused on developing the next generation’s global leaders  with a 30% Tuition Reduction Scholarship.


The School of Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University's H. John Heinz III College is rated as one of the world's top public affairs graduate schools. The School of Public Policy and Management offers a wide range of innovative degree programs in public interest fields taught by a faculty known for their cutting-edge research and innovative teaching techniques. Their curriculum is focused on developing leadership, quantitative analysis and technology skills.

Earn a Master of Science in Public Policy and Management (MSPPM) through one of the following Track options. All tracks require the completion of the core-coursework and result in the completion of the MSPPM degree:


Benefits offered by Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz College School of Public Policy & Management

Scholarship Amount 30% minimum
Number of Scholarships Awarded Annually All admitted
Application Fee Waiver Yes
Enrollment Deferral One-year deferral


Eligibility & Additional Info

  • Scholarships awarded to all admitted City Year alumni annually for at least one year of service and City Year staff members employed for at least two years.

  • Recipients must meet the Heinz College admission criteria.

  • A minimum of 30% Tuition Reduction Scholarship for any Track of the MSPPM Degree Program.  The award will be made at the time of admission (no separate application is necessary) and the student will receive at least 30% per semester, many will receive more.


  • A one-year deferral for students admitted to Heinz College who decide to serve with City Year before starting the MSPPM program

  • The scholarships described above represent the minimum awards. Applicants will be considered for additional merit-based awards depending on the strength of the application.

To Apply


  • Click here to access Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz College School of Public Policy & Management's admissions website and apply online.

  • Deadline:  January 10 is the preferred deadline.  We continue to accept applications after the deadline.  Should you be interested in applying after the deadline, please feel free to call the admissions office to discuss an adjusted timeline. 

  • Applicants should indicate their City Year experience on the online Application for Admission.  

Information Sessions

To Contact the Admissions Office

  • To learn more about the Heinz College, please contact David Eber, Director of Admissions, at  or complete a brief prospective student profile here.

give a year Scholar                                    

Peter Schoffelen '12 (New York)
Master in Policy, Heinz College '14
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Please note that all admissions and scholarship decisions are made by the educational institution. Corps members, alumni and staff interested in these scholarships must complete the full application process for the institution. Please pay close attention to deadlines, and consider beginning work on your applications early in the year.