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CNYH Monthly Alumni eNews - February 2016
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Alumni Sponsored Team Update

Mid-Year Team Updates

March Madness

FY17 Service Leader & VISTA Positions


3/4 18-Minute Networking (Rescheduled)

3/4 Alumni Social (rescheduled)

3/10 Beech Street Math Night

3/24 Parker-Varney Math Night

3/24 McDonough Literacy Night

3/26 Starry Starry Night


Beth Boucher '04

Kameron Manley '09

Andy Johnson '11 & '12


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Question of the Month

What role did you play at Camp City Year? Head to the CYNHAlumni Facebook group to share favorite lessons, memories, and photos.

Alumni Sponsored Team Update

Special shout out to the alumni, AmeriCorps members, and Kohl’s associates who came out for the fundraiser basketball game in support of the Alumni Sponsored Team! We received a $500 donation for this game. Stay tuned for upcoming games...

Mid-Year Team Updates

Hope you enjoyed your Mid-Year Team Update email! If you’d like to check out how other teams and the overall site is doing, we have posted data and starfish stories on for you.

18-Minute Networking 
(Rescheduled for March 4th)

Do you remember working on your LACY plan? Know things now you wish you had considered? Work in an awesome field or with a great company/organization?

Then join us for 18-Minute Network on Friday, March 4th from4:30-6:00pm. Based on AmeriCorps Member interest, we are looking for alumni to facilitate on the following topics:

  • School/ Education
  • Policy/ Law

  • Health/ Medicine

  • Community Development/ Services

  • Non-Profit/ Service

  • Media

  • Sciences

  • Business 

If you are interested in becoming an 18-Minute Networking Facilitator, contact Chris Mancuso.

Can't attend but still want to be engaged and a resource? Send an email and a short description of the field you work in, and we'll be sure to share with our AmeriCorps members!

Join us afterward for an informal social at the Thirsty Moose starting at 6:30 pm.


March Madness

It’s that time of year again! The ground is starting to thaw, people are going outside and March Madness is about to begin! The CYNH Alumni Board will be hosting a March Madness tournament challenge to support the Alumni Sponsored Team.

Stay tuned for more information and details coming soon!

FY17 Service Leader and VISTA Positions

Interested in returning to CYNH to continue and further the impact you had as a corps member? We have a number of Service Leader openings for anyone who served FY13-FY15. For more information contact Megyn (McClure) Robertson.

Hear why Neal Hunter '13 returned this year to be a Service Leader after several years away:

“Returning to City Year this year was easily one of the most interesting and rewarding decisions I have made in my life.  I had entertained a lot of ideas of returning to City Year after my corps year in 2013; there has always been a deep undertone to continue the service I had begun and continue to contribute to the legacy that City Year has had on my life and the city of Manchester.

Without question, the mission that City Year focuses on is one that provides fulfillment and satisfaction in so many different areas, I quickly remembered what brought me to the organization in the first place.

One facet of this site that really drew my attention when thinking about returning was the new model being implemented for leadership at school sites: the Service Leader (SL).  What was exceptional about this position was that it allowed for the SL to exist in the classroom, while be involved in guiding a team through a successful year of service.  Being back in a classroom, working with and connecting with students for another year while still being afforded the opportunity to exercise my passions in leadership and teamwork really resonated well with the type of experience I was looking for in another year of service.  I have gained so much as a person and a leader through the experience of acting in the same capacities as my fellow corps members while being respected as both a leader and a trusted, integral member of a team.

The SL role was really one of the most unique opportunities I have ever pursued, and I am endlessly satisfied with my decision to embark on the journey of the first team of SLs at City Year New Hampshire!”

For more information on VISTA positions in Development or Impact, contact Ted Wing.

Upcoming Events


  • 3/4 18-Minute Networking (rescheduled)

  • 3/4 Alumni Social (rescheduled)

  • 3/10 Beech Street Math Night

  • 3/24 PV Math Night

  • 3/24 McDonough Literacy Night

  • 3/26 Starry Starry Night

Please visit the Upcoming Events Calendar for details.

Alumni Life Updates


Beth Boucher ‘04 I live in Dunbarton, NH with my husband and former CYNH alum, Curt McDermott, our dog, Gary, 2 ducks (unnamed) and several chickens (also unnamed for non-attachment purposes as they provide, well, sustenance). After CYNH, I continued the "service-learning" journey by joining the AmeriCorps*VISTA program, and moved out to Colorado to work with a non-profit called Project YES to work with K-12 students on creating art-based projects to encourage social change in their community. That was awesome. My LACY has involved various jobs from barrista, to sous-chef, to massage therapist, to grad student. After earning an MPH, I now design and conduct research and evaluation projects with amazing humans at Dartmouth College and State Government Departments to make better happen.

Kameron Manley ‘09 After my City Year experience, I immediately found employment with a residential facility for adolescent males with Substance Use Disorders. This also happened to lead me to gaining my certification for treating Substance Use Disorders in the State of Idaho. After doing this for a year, I went back to Graduate School and obtained my Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW) while continuing to work in the residential treatment center full-time. This achievement led me to many various opportunities. These include: developing and overseeing an outpatient substance abuse treatment program in Post Falls, ID and overseeing another outpatient program in Wallace, ID; obtaining employment in a prison setting for the Washington State Department of Corrections, where I worked with inmates in a therapy role; and my current positions working at the local hospital in Coeur d’Alene, ID on the Youth Acute Inpatient Psychiatric unit. I also have been granted the fantastic opportunity to teach Master’s level Social Work courses in both Advanced Research Methods and Program Evaluation and Development at Boise State University.

My experience in City Year taught me a lot about myself. I learned how to manage my finances on a limited budget; how to step out of my comfort zone and experience the ups and downs that life had to offer without my immediate support group; making lifelong friends; living in the Northeastern United States and experiencing all types of wonderful and terrible weather (I thought it was rough in Northern Idaho); commuting to Nashua from Seabrook daily and how to stay entertained during long drives; working with a diverse group of people and learning as much as I possibly could from their life experiences and knowledge base; working with children who were so excited to be part of something productive; community service projects that changed the identity of a neighborhood in as little as one day; and seeing the value of hard work and how this can translate into many changes in myself and others.

I will never forget my time in City Year and look back at it as a defining moment in my identity, because I truly believe I would not be where I am today without the experience I gained during my time with CYNH. I had a difficult time adjusting to life in the Northeast, but overcoming this and sticking with City Year helped me more than I could have realized at the time. The unique opportunity of my team to work both in-school, developing an after-school program at a different school, and working with the Young Heroes program gave me a skillset that I did not previously possess. I was able to teach, recruit, fundraise, develop community services projects and after-school programming, and work in a team. These have helped me gain a position as a Graduate School Professor, gave me the confidence and drive to work full-time while earning my Graduate Degree in the evenings, and frustration tolerance to manage the extremely important duty of parenting a two year old. Thank you current and past corps members for all that you do. Just remember, even though it may seem difficult to tolerate some things at City Year in the moment; there is something to be learned or gained from every experience and moment and use this as an opportunity to grow and become a better person than you were the day before.

Andy Johnson ‘11 & ‘12 For the past two academic years ('13-'14 & '14-'15) I have taught Kindergarten in the Mississippi Delta with Teach For America. My experience as a City Year corps member provided me greater insight and skills for taking over a classroom in one of the most impoverished regions in the country. As a CY corps member, I developed grit, compassion and the ability to manage many moving parts--all skills essential to teaching. Over the past two years I have I learned as much (if not more) than my students and I am grateful for both my TFA and CY experiences. I am currently back in my home state of Nebraska as the Interim Director of International Programs, working in Higher Education. My long-term goal is to become a sociology professor, blending my love of social justice (cultivated by CY) and the joys of teaching (engendered by TFA).



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