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How do I Choose a Grad School?
  • is a website that offers a comprehensive database of thousands of graduate schools. With the ability to narrow down your school search by field of study or career interest. In addition, there are various articles on how to prepare for gradschool and how to finance it.


  • Peterson’s is another site offering a database of thousands of graduate schools in and outside of the United States. Broken down by different areas of study, it also highlights up and coming majors and popular careers in the job market.


  • For those looking into a career in business,, is a comprehensive website providing information on business school and a degree in business. The site looks into


  • Law School is another form of higher education for those hoping to pursue a career in law, Law School Admissions Council , offers you information on how to apply to law school, what requirements you'll need, and a comprehensive list of schools. The site includes lots of supplementary articles on if law school is right for you and what careers lie ahead.