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Future Educators Network, Issue 3
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November 2014, Issue 3

In This Issue

1. Observation and Coaching
2. Secret Lives of Teachers
3. About "That" Kid


"I am choosing to stay in education...."

Meet Jordan Cooper '14>



December 5: TFA Deadline

December 10: Grad School Webinar (Check back on for registration info)



The Importance of Observation and Coaching in the Classroom

City Year is constantly evolving and improving their service model. This year, City Year Philadelphia is focusing on improving corps member’s service impact through consistent observation and coaching. New service manager positions have been created to lead the corps to success through bi-weekly in-class observation and same day follow-up coaching. Program Managers and Team Leaders are also being trained in the necessary art of low inference note-taking and effective feedback to best ensure the quality of our interventions as we move forward.

Read more about Liz Robey's experience with observation and coaching and how she feels it impacts City Year's service and the effectiveness of a teacher.

Check it Out: NPR's Secret Lives of Teachers

Remember when you were 9 years old, strolling through the frozen food aisle with your mom, eyeing all of the ice cream when you turned to see... your TEACHER?!  "What's HE doing here?" you thought.  Teachers don't do normal human things!  They TEACH! For some reason, this experience was embarrassing.  You felt weird. 

NPR is taking this experience to the next level, asking teachers to not only prove that they, too, grocery shop, but also do some pretty amazing things after the last bell rings.  And it's not weird.  It's awesome.

NPR's Secret Lives of Teachers

Ian Willey, an administrator in a NYC KIPP school, shared his rapping abilities with students and together they created a pretty awesome music video.

(No, he's not an alum.  We checked.)


There are other great stories coming in daily; follow the buzz (and even add your own or a partner teacher's story!) by following @npr_ed on twitter, #secretteachers. The facebook page is here.

Dear Parent: About "That" Kid

This blog post was shared by a friend with two young daughters.  I'm glad I read all the way through; it's a reminder of the incredible things our corps does to ensure every child knows they matter.

Read the blog post here >


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