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City Year Future Educators Task Force
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City Year Future Educators Task Force members are serving their second year as AmeriCorps members and have expressed commitment to teaching after their service.  Selected as representatives of the City Year network, they are helping to inform the partnerships we build, the resources we provide, and the path we take to support education reform.  They are also being mentored by City Year alumni currently teaching and receive targeted support to begin their careers in education.


Meet the 2015-2016 Future Educators Task Force!

From top left, clockwise:

Danielle Smalls of City Year Los Angeles is a graduate of Pitzer College in environmental analysis.  She has been accepted to Teach for America in Oakland, and though math and science are her first-love subjects, she's found a new love in ELA. She believes educators have a special role in the lives of children as providers of a space for them to be seen, heard and treated as agents of change.

Sergio Plaza of City Year San Antonio attended the University of Texas, majoring in sociology and government.  He has been accepted to Teach for America in San Antonio and believes he has a responsibility to pull his students through the door of opportunity he himself was able to walk through.

Erica Rickey of City Year Jacksonville attended the College of Wooster, majoring in political science.  She aspires to someday work in education policy, but believes she will be most effective by first spending time as a classroom teacher. She believes our students hold the key to our future and aims to unlock this potential through a career in education. 

Aleksandra "Ola" Gawlik of City Year Milwaukee is a graduate of Pomona College studying linguistics and cognitive science. Ola hopes to teach in a traditional public school after earning her Masters degree. She believes in the power of education to change minds, lives, and circumstances. 

Matthew Spellman of City Year Providence is a graduate of Providence College in English and philosophy.  He hopes to attend graduate school to become a 6th-12th grade ELA teacher in Massachusetts or Rhode Island. He has a passion for English literature and wants to spend his career doing something he loves and sharing his passion with young people.

Elizabeth Petrie of City Year Cleveland studied English at the University of Missouri. Though she's long been interested in teaching, she is going into her third AmeriCorps term of service, which has helped to confirm her confidence in her teaching ability. She wants to teach because she's experienced first-hand the educational inequities in our country and she believes all children have the right to an equal education. 


2014-2015 Future Educators Task Force and their Network Articles

Kendra Burton, City Year Milwaukee: now completing undergraduate education.
Anna Reichlin, City Year New York: now serving as an Impact Manager with City Year New York.
Michael Greer, City Year Washington DC: now with Urban Teacher Center in Washington DC.
Scott Aguila, City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley: now with Urban Teacher Center in Baltimore.
Herman Grewel, City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley: now teaching with Cornerstone Prep in the Bay Area.
Erica Jones, City Year Miami:  now serving as an Impact Manager with City Year Miami.
Christopher Valenzuela, City Year Los Angeles:  now serving as an Impact Manager with City Year Los Angeles.
Rachael Murphy, City Year Cleveland: now with Teach for America Cleveland.
Liz Robey, City Year Philadelphia: now with Teach for America Philadelphia.
Joey Killian, City Year Boston: now with Teach for America Boston.
Kylie Martin, City Year Chicago: now with Teach for Chicago.
Joey Diaz, City Year New York: now with Teach for America Colorado.
Sean Miller, City Year Jacksonville: now with Teach for America New York.


Best Practices for Applying to Teach for America, October 2014, Chris Valenzuela and Kylie Martin
Teaching as Leadership book review, December 2014, Sean Miller
Why Don't Students Like School? book review
, January 2015, Scott Aguila
Cultural Relevance in Education, February 2015, Chris Valenzuela
Celebrating National Poetry Month, April 2015, Kendra Burton
City Year as a Teacher Pipeline, April 2015, Michael Greer
Cohort Service Model vs Teacher Service Model, March 2015, Joey Killian