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Is Grad School For Me?
  • Peterson’s "A Guide for Potential Grad Students: Should You Go To Graduate School?” is a comprehensive article on the pros and cons of pursuing a graduate degree. The article is broken down into reasons to go and not to go to graduate school, the types of graduate school, how one balances graduate school with a life outside of school, and how to pay for school. Supplementary articles are provided for further research into whether or not graduate school is right for you.
  • The Idealist Graduate Resource Center provides a great deal of information and resources into furthering your education. "Especially for undergraduates: Reasons to wait” is an article on timing higher education to benefit you the best. It is full of self-reflective questions that help direct you towards the right graduate path for you. The article includes tips on grad school admissions, how to get the most out of your time in grad school, and how to finance your higher education. Also provided are quite a few supporting articles regarding grad schools.