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Career Partner Spotlight: Jared Stancombe and AIF William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service in India

Jared Stancombe '12 • AIF William J. Clinton Fellow

KimberlyD"I wanted to serve with City Year because I wanted to be a part of something greater than myself that made my community and the world a better place."


When and where did you serve as a City Year corps member?

I served with City Year Washington D.C. in 2012.

What are you doing now?

I am an American India Foundation William J. Clinton Fellow, where I am placed with Dream-A-Dream in Bangalore, India. Dream-A-Dream is a youth empowerment nonprofit organization that focuses on facilitating the development of life skills within young people from vulnerable backgrounds. When I return, I plan to apply to graduate school. I am communicating with the Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business regarding their Global MBA program, which has a "Give a Year” partnership with City Year. I am also considering the Georgetown McDonough School of Business and the Haas School of Business at Berkeley. I also intend to apply to the Startingbloc fellowship.

How did City Year guide you to where you are today?Jared in India

After serving a year with City Year, I reflected upon my experience and decided that continuing to work in "social impact”  was the best path for me. I was able to test commitment because even when I felt my lowest—being a corps member isn’t easy—I was still committed to my team and the young people I worked with. After that reflection, I knew that continuing this work was important for me.

What does the red jacket mean to you?

I have taken my red jacket to Zambia and it is in my closet with me here in India. I thought "spirit, discipline, purpose, and pride” was a little corny as a corps member. But now, I understand after reflecting upon my year as a corps member, and through my crazy experiences working abroad in the development sector, how important those traits are. This work is as hard as it is rewarding. Not everyone can be a corps member with City Year. The red jacket is not just a piece of clothing to me. It is a personal statement and reflection of personal character. It is a statement that the person wearing it has made a commitment to giving a year or more of their life to make a positive impact in the lives of others and within their communities.

Kramer DC team '12What do you value most about your year of service?

The friends I made, the hardships we shared, and the sense of accomplishment and pride we all had at the end. We made it together, and I couldn’t have done it without them.

Are you still involved in service?

 I have continued working in the "social impact sector” after my year with City Year. After City Year, I moved to Zambia to work with an NGO providing relief services to refugees as a fellow with the Global Health Corps. I worked to develop its capacity for fundraising, communications, and outreach. I currently work in capacity building with Dream-A-Dream, critically examining its curriculum, the afterschool facilitators, partner schools, and their support systems.

What is your favorite PITW?

PITW 101. The ideal service metaphor is to act like "water.” 

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