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Career Partner Spotlight: Kimberly Domercant and Boston Teacher Residency

Kimberly Domercant '13 • Boston Teacher Residency '13-'14

"I saw City Year as a great opportunity to add to my experience in education as well as move me towards my desire to work in secondary English Language Arts.”


When and where did you serve as a City Year corps member?

I am a proud City Year Rhode Island(CYRI) '13 alumna.

What brought you to City Year?

During my senior year of undergrad at UConn, my close friend told me about City Year and their mission. At the time, I was working in an early childhood education center and enjoyed working in the field of education. However, I was anxious to work with other students, particularly students in inner cities. I saw City Year as a great opportunity to add to my experience in education as well as move me towards my desire to work in secondary English Language Arts (ELA).

How did you decide you wanted to teach?

My service year was wonderful! I had the opportunity to serve in two ELA classes, one in the 6th grade and one in the 8th. Both teachers were and dynamic and I admired their professionalism in teaching. I could see that teaching was a part of them and whenever I had the opportunity I asked the two ELA teachers different things about their experiences as secondary teachers. Both teachers happened to be career changers and always voiced their passion in their work -- though it was challenging, it was also rewarding. So within 4 months of my year of service I started to think about teaching and worked towards figuring out how I would get into a teaching certification program.

When did you complete your residency year of service with BTR, and at which school?

I proudly serve as a teacher resident in BTR Cohort 11. I serve and teach 9th grade ELA at the Jeremiah Burke H.S in Dorchester, MA.

What brought you to BTR?

In the winter of 2013, the City Year staff organized a information session with BTR. A BTR graduate came to the CYRI headquarters to talk to corps members about BTR. The BTR rep was easy to talk to and completely transparent about the BTR program.

What made you choose BTR over other teaching programs?

Many of the other programs either focused strongly on theory with only a little bit of time for practicum, and other programs just threw you in the classroom after a few months of training with nearly no experience in a classroom and very little regular support.BTR is transparent in saying that the year will be a challenge but they will equip you (the resident) just right, with all things needed to be a successful teacher, integrated and led by experienced professionals who are dedicated to making a change.

How did City Year prepare you for BTR?

BTR has all residents work with a CollaboratingTeacher (CT) for their year in residency. In City Year, you serve a year in a classroom with one or more teachers. This was the key to my preparation. By having ample time in the classroom, it gave me a head start experiencing what it was/is like working with a teacher and students in their learning community.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a BTR resident/teacher?

Balancing the many tasks at hand. There are many responsibilities in being a teacher and successfully completing the residency year. While I am finding this to be a challenge, I also look forward to the growth that comes along with this challenge. I have a lot of support from the BTR members and this helps me remember that I am not alone.

What advice do you have for corps members who want to teach?

Take your year of service seriously and take risks. It is only when you put yourself in a challenge zone (a place that isn't comfortable) that you will see growth in yourself.

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