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LACY eNews: April 2, 2015
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April 6, 2015  

In This Issue

1. Being the Best Version of Yourself
2. Kimmel and Clinton
3. Announcements!
4. 50 Ways To Get A Job
5. Summer Is Coming


Lea Moser '13, '14

From San Jose to Boston to Botswana, Lea shares her story of commitment > 


April 17CollegeSpring Mentor Deadline (CA)
April 20Roadtrip Nation: Code Trip Application Due
April 25:  Philadelphia Teacher Residency Deadline
April 30AmeriCorps Alums Tips for Financial Success webinar
May 1Dallas Teacher Residency Deadline
May 5Urban Teacher Center Deadline
May 6AmeriCorps Alums Virtual Grad School Fair

You Can't Airbrush a Resume.

There is no magical wand to wave, no special effects crew, no post-production editing team to make sure whatever you've put out there is perfect for the job you're hoping to land.  Finding the right opportunity takes hard work.  But hopefully you've done a lot of the work throughout your year of service: you've reflected on your strengths and challenges through IJ and LACY,  you've networked with potential employers and mentors through events or email, and you've considered the values that will be important in finding work satisfaction.  

Now that you have a better idea of where you might want to go next, it's time to make sure others know that you're their best candidate.  There are three areas to check yourself:

1.  In person.  Nearly every job or school is going to ask for references.  Who will you select?  Who knows about your work ethic, values, and goals?  Keep in mind, too, that many hiring managers will use their networks to learn more about job candidates. Which means your PM may soon be getting an email.  Now is the time to make sure everything you put forth, who you are and what you do, is what you'd show to a potential employer or educator.  

2. On paper. Have you updated your resume? Now is the time to do it!  Even if you won't be needing it for a few days, weeks, or months, it's important to have an updated resume; you never know who might ask to see it.  For great tips on creating a stellar resume, check out Beyond the Jacket: Articulating Your Service With City Year.

3. Online.  Google yourself; Check the results and images. Update your LinkedIn profile.  Don't have one?  Not sure how to use it?  Read this now! (and stay tuned for a webinar just for you in the coming weeks!)  Make sure you have a professional, yet personal email address ( is fail-proof). 

For more resources on being your best self in these three areas, check out the Career Toolkit on

LACY Habit #6: Be the best version of yourself: in-person, on paper, and online.

Jimmy Kimmel and Chelsea Clinton Inspire Youth To "Serve a Year"


Partner and Position Announcements

Click here to see announcements
from the following programs:

Middlebury Institute
Washington University's Brown School of Social Work
Aspire Teacher Residency
Urban Teacher Center 
Marist College

Check this out: 50 Ways To Get A Job

A result of over three years of research and work by a team of people from across Canada and the United States, this content originally grew out of a book called Making Good written by Dev Aujla and Billy Parish. Click below to learn more!


Summer is Coming.

We know this because many of these summer opportunities have approaching application deadlines and we don't want you to miss out.  You could travel abroad or stay right where you're serving, but no matter where you go it's time to climb out from under that pile of blankets and think warm thoughts. Great seasonal positions are available with:

  • Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth
  • Breakthrough Collaborative
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • HACU National Internship Program
  • Headfirst Camps
  • Camp Ramapo for Children
  • Student Conservation Association
  • ThinkImpact
  • BEA Institute
  • Children's Defense Fund
  • Generation Teach

    Click here to view all summer opportunities


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