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LACY eNewsletter: January 22, 2015
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January 22, 2015  

In This Issue

1. The LACY Plan
2. Career Services: Corps Corner
3. TEACH Screening
4. Top Companies Currently Hiring
5. New Partners
6. Forbes 30 Under 30
7. Featured Fellowship


Rob Barnett, Seattle '10

From City Year to Harvard Law to DCPS Teacher...

Read Rob's letter of gratitude to his student from his service year.


1/29: Philadelphia 18-Minute Networking
1/30: TFA Deadline
1/30: New Hampshire 18-Minute Networking



I Already Have a LACY Plan

Now that we've hit the halfway mark of the service year, the question of whether you know what you're doing after City Year is closing in.  For many, the question makes you feel a little nervous.  You just started this job, right?  Why must you already be focused on something new?  For others, you might be a bit more content because you "already have a LACY plan".

Let's break that down a bit.  You've used the phrase to be synonymous with "I know where I'm working or going to school." Which is great!  We want our people to leave service feeling confident in their next step, but really... does this mean you have a LACY plan?

What does LACY stand for?  Leadership After City Year.  It's a great acronym; all inclusive of really anything that could come "after". But sometimes in creating a world of acronyms to easily discuss common topics, it can be easy to lose sight of the true meaning of the phrase.

In reality, no one has a LACY plan.  Or, we should say, no one has finished their LACY plan. Leadership is not something you complete.  It's an ongoing, evolving skill. Over time, your personal definition of leadership will likely change. So when we're asking you to set a LACY goal, we're asking you to consider what will contribute to your leadership development.  Maybe applying to two jobs in March will contribute to your development because you're practicing the application process.  Maybe your goal is to read a book about giving and receiving feedback, an important skill that enhances leadership.  But if you land a job or finish that book, will you have finished developing your leadership? Of course not.  Leadership doesn't have a start and end point. 

In the last half of your service year, you will likely have opportunities to work on your LACY.  If you already know your post-service plan, don't cast this opportunity aside with the mentality of "already having a plan". Your leadership development is ongoing, so take the time to reflect on who you want to connect with, what you want to learn, and where you want to go...and then decide on the next step to get you there.

LACY Habit #4: Think beyond your next step; seek opportunities to continue your leadership development.

Career Center @

City Year's Alumni website is a one-stop shop to learn about all of the benefits available to the corps and alumni community, including partnerships with hiring partners and universities.  It's also newly re-organized to better fit your career exploration needs, including dozens of resources on career exploration and preparation.  Check it out!


TEACH: A National Screening for the City Year network
February 15-25, 2015
Click here for access to the online screening

After watching the film, Join four of the starring teachers and City Year champions (including Rob Barnett, Seattle '10!) for a discussion on how a career in education can impact student lives.  All are welcome.

Visit to register for the discussion.

We're Hiring!

Business News Daily has recently shared the top list of companies hiring right now.  Some of our National Leadership Sponsors are on the list; is your resume ready? 

NEW Partner Announcements!!

The City Year Alumni & Career Services Team is thrilled to welcome the following programs as new Career Partners: Dallas Teacher Residency and UP Education Network.  Welcome to the City Year network! 


To see a full list of career partners, click here.



Forbes 30 Under 30... When will YOU be featured?

For the past four years, Forbes has brought together some of our country's young game changers, movers, and makers. This year's list of standouts spotlights a variety of leaders making a difference in across nearly every sector.  Considering the talent in our corps and alumni community, We have a feeling a City Year alum will be featured on a future list. Check out the 2015 list to learn more about some of the fantastic innovation and progress being made by millennials.

Featured Fellowship


The ZOOM Public Policy Fellowship provides emerging leaders with the opportunity to work on high-level policy projects in Connecticut and participation in an intensive professional and leadership development program. During the year-long program, Fellows learn how government works, expand their professional network, and develop professional and leadership skills necessary to lead change for the public good. For more information or to access the 2015-2016 online application, click here.


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