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Campus Recruitment Ambassador Rick Bailey

Rick Bailey is an alumnus of CY Miami ‘13.  He served right out of high school at 18 years old and after his corps year began attending the University of New Hampshire.  For the past year, he worked there as a Campus Recruitment Ambassador (CRA) helping to fill his own boots.


What were your responsibilities when serving in Miami as a Corps Member?

I was the Math Coordinator for my team of 12 members. Along with the standard in class support, interventions, study hall, and After School Heroes, I was in charge of the math team’s trackers. As well as going to Math common planning and reporting on my teams behalf.

What does the red jacket mean to you?

The red jacket means putting students needs before your own. Giving them that last bit of advice before the test, or those extra 15 minutes after class so they can finally understand what's been going on in class. Giving them your bus pass so they don’t have to walk home in the rain. And the most important meaning of the red jacket: never giving up on a student.

What has been your biggest challenge since serving with City Year?

My biggest challenge since serving with City Year, is not seeing my students. You spend countless hours with them for a year, build lasting relationships, trust, and respect. Then in the blink of an eye, they are gone.

Favorite PITW?

PITW #124: Everyone needs to do things that are not in the job description. This is my favorite because only at the end of a City Year, will you realize just how true it is.

The Campus Recruitment Ambassador (CRA) Experience

Why did you chose to apply to be a Campus Recruitment Ambassador?

I chose to be a CRA so that I could continue my service. It felt wrong to not stay attached to an organization that meant so much to me. When I first heard about the opportunity, I instantly knew it was my way of staying active with City Year, and by doing something I would have done regardless of position and title.

Why would you recommend this program to City Year Alumni?

I would recommend this program to all alumni and future alumni of City Year, because your name is now part of this organization you want to make it the best it can be. What better way to make it better than help recruit those filling your boots?

What do you study now? What are your plans after graduation?

I am currently enrolled at the University of New Hampshire continuing my education by majoring in BioEngineering. After I graduate I plan to get into the medical field, I one day hope to create a pancreas that can regulate blood sugar levels by administering insulin just as a normal pancreas would.

What skills did you take away from the CRA experience? How do you think your CRA year will impact your studies and career?

Being a CRA makes you walk up to complete strangers and try and engage them in a conversation about giving up a year of their life, basically for free. This will make all business meetings or pitches, seem that much less daunting.

What words of wisdom do you have for alumni who want to recruit for City Year?

The best advice I could give to any future CRA would be to plan everything ahead of time, and then give yourself more time. The work doesn’t seem that intense, until you realise you have two exams in the same week as your CRA deadlines. If everything is done ahead of time, that won’t be a problem.

If you are interested in serving as a Campus Recruitment Ambassador on your campus this coming year APPLY HERE!  You’ll earn $500 a semester while also gaining professional skills in networking, marketing strategies, and communication