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Tifany Sikich '14 now serves with Urban Teacher Center
I served with City Year Milwaukee because I knew I wanted to make a difference, but I wasn’t sure which path I wanted to take.  My favorite part of my service quickly presented itself in the magical spaces of my tutoring sessions.  I knew I wanted students to continue to transform and challenge me, so I decided to look into teaching programs, ultimately joining Urban Teacher Center in Baltimore. 


There are a few things I have realized since graduating from the corps; things I didn’t understand as a corps member.  I never understood why we had so many trainings.  I was thinking about how I would rather be at my school, making a difference with students. Now I realize how vital and scarce professional development is in teaching.  To stay fresh and revitalized is really important. 


City Year filled my “teacher toolbox” in a few different ways. The long hours, knowing how to deescalate a situation, and differentiate, along with the base knowledge of common core, and the importance of student and family intervention have all prepared me.  While there is really nothing that can fully prepare someone for the complexities of teaching, I do believe that City Year taught me critical tools and most importantly gave me an extended network and educational community that I reach out to frequently.


Tifany Sikich '14 is originally from Kenosha, WI and attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, earning a degree in Anthropology.  She served with City Year Milwaukee in 2013-2014 at Rogers Street Academy.  She is now in her first year as a resident teacher with Urban Teacher Center in Baltimore, MD.

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