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Career Partnership: Academy for Urban School Leadership
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City Year is proud to partner with the Academy for Urban School Leadership so our alumni can continue to make a difference in classrooms and in the lives of students. This partnership reflects the shared visions and values of both organizations, and their belief that young people can keep students on track to graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education. City Year strengthens an applicant’s competitiveness and chances for being selected as a Chicago Teacher Resident.

Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL) is is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve student achievement in chronically failing schools, primarily in Chicago, through its disciplined transformation process, built on a foundation of specially trained AUSL teachers. AUSL’s Chicago Teacher Residency is a one-year, paid, full-time urban teacher training program that will prepare you for a career as a Chicago Public Schools teacher with the training, skills, and strategies to empower your students to pursue their dreams. During the training year, work with an experienced mentor teacher in a supportive environment and receive regular, structured feedback and learn strategies and techniques that will transform your teaching practice. Residents develop proficiency in creating and sustaining positive learning environments; preparing, planning, and implementing curriculum; differentiating instruction; and using progressive teaching strategies and best practices.

The City Year experience is a strong indicator of future success in the Academy for Urban School Leadership program and serving a year with City Year strengthens a candidate’s application and chances for being selected as a resident teacher.

To Apply:

  • Click here for details on how to apply.
  • City Year AmeriCorps members and alumni should highlight their City Year experience on their resume as part of application materials to identify your City Year affiliation after submission.

To Contact the Admissions Office

  • Email

Please note that all admissions decisions are made by Chicago Teacher Residency. AmeriCorps members and alumni interested in AUSL must complete the full application process.