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Alumni Pathways

Read about the inspiring career paths of City Year alumni who leveraged their corps experience as a launching pad for success and leadership in various fields.

Laura Jenks '10 (Cleveland) • National Service Scholar 
at Washington University in St. Louis Brown School '13

"Many business schools are starting to incorporate programs and courses that push business students to use their skills for social impact, and those types of schools love having people like CY alumni join their programs."

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National Services Scholars and Continuing Education                          

Maddie Carson '09, '10
Washington University in St. Louis - The Brown School '12
National Service Scholar
Chad Baker '06, '07
Washington University in St. Louis - The Brown School '12
National Service Scholar
Shannon Ritchie '08-'10
Duke University
The Sanford School of Public Policy '12
National Service Scholar

Daniel Do '11
Boston University
School of Social Work '13
National Service Scholar
Nickol Gomez '11
Our Lady of the Lake '15
B.A. in Criminal Justice
National Service Scholar
Sara Krasner '11
Pepperdine University
School of Education & Psychology '13
National Service Scholar

David Weatherly '08, '09
The Heller School '13
National Service Scholar
Janelle Rouse '12
Widener University '14
National Service Scholar
David Weiss '08
Tufts University School of Medicine
MD and MPH Candidate

David Weiss

Lindsay Trapp '10 '11
New York University 
Silver School of Social Work
National Service Scholar
Matthew Tow '11
Boston College
Law School

Nosayaba Osai  '10 '11
IlT- Stuart School of Business
National Service Scholar

Peter Schoffelen '12                             Carnegie Mellon University,
H. John Heinz College

National Service Scholar                   
Ramya Kumaran '12
ACED Fellows Program,
at Illinois State University
National Service Scholar
Nancy Santucci '12
The Edward J. Bloustein
School of Planning and
Public Policy
at Rutgers 
National Service Scholar


Career Partners                                                                                 

Caitlin Hollister '95
Boston Teacher Residency '05
Taylor Rainier '04
Peace Corps '08
Trina Tran '11
Urban Teacher Center '15
Trina Tran

Moriah Washington
Peace Corps '09
Derrick Rainey '09, '10
Shady Hill Teacher Training Course

Marcus McKoy '10, '11
Teach for America '13               


 Career Pathways                                                                                               

Bianca Lynch '03
Special Education Teacher

Michelle Lalonde Stuntz '02, '03
Deloitte Consulting LLP

Nick Barnes '05
Allen Kuehnle Stovall & Neuman LLP
Monica Glicken '01, '02
Robert D. Ahlgren and Associates
Jason Whitehead '06 '07

Jeff Lafata '00, '01
Founder, EPIC
Empowering People for Inclusive Communities

Chandler Koglmeier, '05
Project Manager

Jeff Lafata