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Career Partnership with Aspire Teacher Residency


City Year is proud to partner with Aspire Teacher Residency so our alumni can continue to make a difference in classrooms and in the lives of students. This partnership reflects the shared visions and values of both organizations, and their belief that young people can keep students on track to graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education. City Year strengthens an applicant’s competitiveness and chances for being selected as an Aspire Teacher Resident.

Aspire Public Schools is a national nonprofit organization that currently operates 39 high-performing, open-enrollment public charter schools serving over 15,500 students in underserved communities across California and Memphis, Tennessee. Founded in 1998, Aspire is one of the highest-performing large public school systems delivering a rigorous College for Certain education to students in grades K-12. An unrelenting focus on college preparedness led to 100 percent of graduating Aspire seniors being accepted to four-year colleges or universities since 2009. 


The Aspire Teacher Residency (ATR) is an intensive teacher training program that recruits and trains talented individuals of all ages and backgrounds to become highly-effective teachers. Similar to the medical residency model, ATR prepares teachers by pairing theory and practice through master's level coursework and classroom practicum. The goal is to provide Teacher Residents with the theory and give them the opportunity to apply it in practice with the support of a successful Mentor Teacher. Click here to learn more about the Aspire Teacher Residency program.


The City Year experience is a strong indicator of future success as an Aspire Teacher Resident and serving a year with City Year strengthens an applicant’s application and chances for being selected as a resident through the ATR program.

Benefits offered by the Aspire Teacher Residency 


  • A comprehensive four year program that integrates exceptional academic preparation and practical teaching experience
  • A Master of Arts in Education and a Teaching Credential, in either Multiple Subject (K-8), Single Subject (6-12) - English, Math, Science, or Social Studies or Special Education (Mild/Moderate) from the University of the Pacific at a deeply discounted tuition rate
  • A $13,500 stipend, plus medical benefits, for the first year
  • The opportunity to work in a classroom and learn from a highly-effective Mentor Teacher four days/week for an entire school year
  • Priority hiring for teaching positions at an Aspire school for Residents who successfully complete the first year program 


Program Options: Aspire is a national organization with schools in California and Tennessee. Residency opportunities are available in both states.

  • ATR - California program - Train in California for one year, then teach with Aspire in California for 3 years (or more!). Residency placements are available in East Palo Alto, Oakland, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto.
  • ATR - Memphis program - Train at an Aspire school in Memphis for one year, then teach and help open new Aspire schools in Memphis for 3 years (or more!).


To Apply

  •  City Year corps members and alumni should highlight their City Year experience on their resume as part of application materials and contact Purva Dandona, ATR Recruiter, at to identify your City Year affiliation after submission of your application.

    To Contact the Admissions Office

    Call (510) 434-5599 or email



    Please note that all admissions decisions are made by Aspire Teacher Residency. Corps members and alumni interested in the residency program must complete the full application process.