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University Partnership: Boston College Graduate School of Social Work

Boston College School of Social Work

City Year is proud to partner with the Boston College Graduate School of Social Work so our alumni can continue to affect change in their communities, with $40,000 tuition scholarships.


Boston College Graduate School of Social Work is a top ranked MSW program with diversity awareness as a core value that prepares students for effective and culturally-sensitive practices when working with diverse populations.Their mission is to prepare students with the knowledge, values, and skills to practice competently and compassionately and to provide an intellectual atmosphere that facilitates faculty and student scholarship and research.

Benefits offered by Boston College Graduate School of Social Work

Scholarship Amount

$20,000 per year
(Scholarship renewable for up to 2 years)   

Number of Scholarships Awarded Annually      

Up to 2
Application Fee Waiver Yes

Eligibility & Additional Info

  • Boston College School of Social Work will award up to two $20,000 scholarships annually (scholarship is $20,000 per year for the two years)

  • Scholarships awarded to City Year alumni for at least one year of service and City Year staff members employed for at least two years.

  • Scholarship recipients must also meet Boston College Graduate School of Social Work admissions criteria.

  • Applicants will be considered for additional merit-based benefits based on the strength of the application.

To Apply

  • Click here to access the Boston College Graduate School of Social Work's admissions website and apply online.

  • Deadline:  For details on application deadlines please click here

  • Request City Year verification: To get the application fee waived and to be considered for the scholarship, a service verification letter must be requested by emailing with "Boston College Graduate School of Social Work" in the subject line. Within the email, include the site where you served and your corps graduation month and year. This letter will be sent electronically by City Year to Admissions Office and added to your applicant file.
  • Please also contact Boston College‚Äôs Graduate Admissions Office to identify yourself as a City Year applicant. Please also self-identify on your resume and/or essay when possible.

To Contact the Admissions Office

Please note that all admissions and scholarship decisions are made by the educational institution. Corps members, alumni and staff interested in these scholarships must complete the full application process for the institution. Please pay close attention to deadlines, and consider beginning work on your applications early in the year.