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Beyond Jacket Webinar 2017: Managing Student Loans
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Managing Student Loans 


WATCHING RECORDING from March 21, 2017

Index of recording
Webinar Series background, introductions (thru 11:41 mark)
Who is involved in your loan (11:42 mark)
Why contact your servicers (15:40 mark)
Difference between subsidized and unsubsidized loans (17:55 mark)
Difference between deferment and forbearance (25:50 mark)
Paying Down your loan vs. Paying Ahead (32:55 mark)
Tips about Tax Implications of Segal Education Award (35:29 mark)
Time Based Payment Plans (37:40 mark)
Income Based Payment Plans (41:55 mark)
Repayment Calculator (54:50 mark)
Loan Forgiveness (1:00:28 mark)
Loan Consolidation (1:12:20 mark)
Missing a Loan Payment (1:17:57 mark)
Private Loans (1:22:05 mark)
What if I’m having trouble (1:23:59 mark)