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Beyond Jacket Webinar 2017: Budgeting & Savings
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Budgeting & Savings


WATCHING RECORDING from September 26, 2017

Index of recording

Webinar kick-off and partnership with Bank of America (thru 4:42 mark)
Background on Bank of America Better Money Habits (4:43 mark)
Introduction of Presenter, Nick Rowe (7:54 mark)
Overview of webinar learning objectives (10:43 mark)
Budgeting: Creating a spending plan (11:04 mark)
Budgeting: Track daily spending, income, fixed expenses, flexible expenses (16:58 mark)
Savings: Pay yourself first, interest, compound interest, annual percent yield, savings options (33:20 mark)
Savings: Creating an Emergency Fund (38:33 mark)

Q and A segment (41:40 mark)
Close, thank you (59:23 mark)

Videos referenced from Better Money Habits website

Resources referenced

  • Spending Analysis Tool
  • Online app for balancing budget:
    • Check with your bank or credit union to see if they have a mobile banking app (might have a good budgeting resource)
    • (free resource)
    • (free resource)