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Career Partnership with Dallas Teacher Residency


 City Year is proud to partner with Dallas Teacher Residency so our alumni can continue to make a difference in classrooms and in the lives of students. This partnership reflects the shared visions and values of both organizations, and their belief that young people can keep students on track to graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education. City Year strengthens an applicant’s competitiveness and chances for being selected for the Dallas Teacher Residency.


Dallas Teacher Residency (DTR) ( is a non-profit, teacher preparation program, which recruits aspiring career teachers, preparing them to become effective in urban schools - in order to provide all students with the opportunity to be taught and inspired by a trained professional.  DTR’s residency program is patterned after a medical residency model and, drawing strengths from traditional and alternative approaches to teacher preparation, is a district-based teacher education program that pairs master’s level education content with a rigorous full-year classroom apprenticeship with trained mentor teachers in urban classrooms. During the residency year, program residents take graduate level coursework at Texas A&M University - Commerce (TAMUC), to earn both a Master’s degree in Education, in addition to their Texas Teaching license. The City Year experience is a strong indicator of success at Dallas Teacher Residency and serving a year with City Year strengthens an applicant’s application and chances for being selected as a DTR Resident.

Please visit the DTR website at ( to learn more about the DTR experience

Benefits offered by the Dallas Teaching Residency 


  • Master's Degree from Texas A&M University - Commerce (TAMUC)
  • Eligible to receive Texas Teacher Licensure

  • Resident living stipend during residency year

  • A year-long residency experience training under the guidance of a skilled mentor teacher in a Dallas ISD classroom and school

  • Innate knowledge of local school district (Dallas ISD) policies, procedures and protocols , in addition to unmatched classroom teaching field experience within the local school district (Dallas ISD)

  • Access to preferential job placements and possible early hiring contacts

  • On-going professional development and induction support within Dallas ISD, post residency year

  • Access to a robust network of resident graduates and program mentor teachers


To Apply

  • Click Here to access DTR’s admission website and apply online.  Currently serving corps members are encouraged to compare City Year graduation date and residency start date to ensure availability.

  • Program deadlines vary. Please check for updates regarding program deadlines, or email with any specific questions regarding deadlines.

  • City Year corps members and alumni should highlight their City Year experience on their resume as part of application materials and contact Dallas Teacher Residency, CEO, Rob DeHaas directly ( to identify your City Year affiliation after submission of your application.

To Contact the Admissions Office  

Call 541.505.6225


    Please note that all admissions decisions are made by the Dallas Teacher Residency. Corps members and alumni interested in the residency program must complete the full application process.