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Segal AmeriCorps Education Award

At the completion of your service year, you are eligible to receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award. You can apply the award toward a college degree, graduate school or existing or future qualified student loans.

Terms of Service

A member may serve up to 9 terms of service across the various AmeriCorps streams regardless of the type of term (full time, half time, quarter time etc) as depicted below. However, a member may only receive the value of two full-time education awards.

  • AmeriCorps State and National – 4 terms
  • VISTA – 5 terms
  • NCCC – 2 terms

As of August 20, 2010 the amount of the Segal education award increased by tying it to the maximum amount of the Pell Grant in any given year. The amount a member may receive by completing a term will change to correspond to the value of the Pell Grant, and may change every year. Moreover, members who served two terms prior to joining City Year but earned less than the value of two full education awards for those terms (i.e. a partial amount for a "half-time”, "quarter-time” "reduced half-time” etc terms) may be eligible for a discounted education award for their City Year service. Additional information on term limits and the education award amount can be found here.


The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award is taxable in the year it is used. Eligibility is based on a minimum of 1,700 service hours, completion of all City Year graduation requirements and serving for the entire program length. A school is qualified if it is a Title IV institution of higher education.

To see if your school is a Title IV institution, search here.

Access your award
The easiest way to manage your award and make payments to institutions or lenders is to register for a MyAmeriCorps Account. By registering to use the system, you can check your award balance, access important financial forms and quickly make payments to your educational or financial institution.

How to form a strategy to use your award

The award can be used to go to specific schools or repay qualifying student loans. There are general terms that guide the use of the award and the award is subject to taxes.Use this Education Award site on to learn more about the award, form a strategy on how to use it, and discover other post-service opportunities related to school and student loans.

Maximize your award - Check out list of schools that Match the Ed Award
More than 90 colleges and universities across the country augment the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award in some way, including waived registration fees, course credits and service scholarships.  Learn more about the institutions that match the education award. For suggestions on how to approach a school to match the award, click here

Speak with a City Year Staff Member about your award:
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