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Future Educators Network: April 2016 eNews
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APRIL 2016

In This Issue

1. Teach with Michigan Teacher Corps
2. Teachers can Change the Game in Baton Rouge
3. Incentives Part Two: Reflections and Follow Up
4. Mindfulness - Self Care & Student Care
5. A Journey Through Teaching
6. Does City Year make a difference?


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April 11:TNTP
May 2:Urban Teachers
Rolling admissions:City on a Hill Urban Teaching Fellowship




Teach next year with the Michigan Teacher Corps

We are excited to remind you that City Year has partnered with the Michigan Teacher Corps to create a unique opportunity for anyone considering a career in teaching after their year of service.

The Michigan Teacher Corps is a rigorous, high-quality, nationally recognized teacher training program, and they are currently seeking City Year AmeriCorps members to apply for this year's cohort beginning in late June. MTC members will begin training over the summer and will be eligible to teach in Detroit public schools in the fall.Accepted City Year Alumni are eligible to receive an incentive/relocation bonus of $2,500 whether they are moving to Detroit or are already living in the area.

This partnership reflects the shared visions and values of both organizations, and their belief that young people can keep students on track to graduate from high school and persue post-secondary education.City Year strengthens an applicant's competitiveness, increasing their chances for being selected into the Michigan Teacher Corps.


For more information on the Michigan Teacher Corps, please visit the City Year Alumni partnership page, or contact the Alumni Department at


To Apply

Click here to access the Michigan Teacher Corps admissions website and apply online. Applications are due April 11th and the start date for Michigan Teacher Corps' Summer Training is June 27.

Teachers can Change the Game in Baton Rouge
Unique teaching partnerships abound in Louisiana's up and coming capital city.

"If you ask any of the 600 or so alumni of City Year in Baton Rouge what they think of Louisiana’s capital, on any given day you might receive two very different answers. One day, they might be enchanted by the city’s southern charm and majestic oak trees, excited about visible economic development and neighborhood revitalization efforts, or immersed in the plentitude of festivities that can be found in every season of the year. Or, the next day, they might focus their answer on the real, tough problems facing this community- especially when it comes to education and the palpable division of opportunities for students based along racial and economic lines. They might tell you that this city needs as many people as possible working toward a better future for students, because here, with enough boots on the ground, change is possible..."


Click here to read more about teaching opportunities in Baton Rouge...

Incentives Part Two: Reflections and Follow Up

"...we are indeed over incentivizing our students, much to their detriment. I think this because incentives are essentially rewards, and said rewards are treating symptoms, not causes, of certain behaviors..."


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Mindfulness - Self Care & Student Care

"Mindfulness practices have increased in popularity over the past few years with activities ranging from meditation classes to a daily breathing practice to full blown mindfulness retreats. Regardless of its trendiness, practicing mindfulness daily can be a restorative addition in your daily service experience. This can be with your work with your students, or simply for a short break during your planning period or lunch break..."


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A Journey Through Teaching: Breakdowns and Breakthroughs


“Frustration, tears, doubt and struggle defined parts of November and much of December for me again this year. I was questioning myself, my ability to successfully lead and inspire my team, to develop their strengths, and questioning our collective impact in general- were we really making a difference?...March 7th- 100 days of service left. As I was writing my weekly email to my team emphasizing how much we already accomplished and my hopes for the next 100 days, a sense of calm, energy, urgency, and motivation came over me. I was determined to make this time count... I had a renewed sense of commitment to the program, our students, our goals, and a lot of our methods..."

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Does City Year make a difference?

"Such a loaded question, right? Especially if you are or ever have been involved with City Year. I’m positive that plenty of ideas came to mind for anyone that falls under that umbrella. But it’s a question I ask myself every day. And if someone had asked me at any time last year, I would have told them, “Of course! I don’t work 9 hour days to NOT make a difference.” What I have learned throughout my Team Leader year, however, is that it is a bit more complicated than that. And that complication all started for me at Basic Training Academy..."


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