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Career development is an integral component of the AmeriCorps member experience. By providing opportunities to learn from different perspectives, gain crucial professional skills, and access to meaningful relationships, City Year seeks to guide and empower AmeriCorps members to plan and pursue a purposeful career. 

An AmeriCorps Member’s first step to prepare for post-service is the GROW Plan stands for Goals Reality Options Way Forward.  It is the first step in an AmeriCorps Member’s career development experience at City Year. It is both a planning tool (self-driven by AmeriCorps Members) and a conversation framework that seeks to build trust (through spaces held by Impact Manager) to help AmeriCorps Members reflect and process on their current reality, strengths, and anxieties while identifying concrete action steps that they feel accountable to pursue with guidance and advice along the way. GROW Plan conversations happen formally during the Performance Management cycle (Start of Year, Mid Year, and End of Year) and can also happen during regular 1:1s.


  • Quarterly progress for LACY Pathways - planning guidance for Returning AmeriCorps Member, going to college, grad school, law school, medical school, teaching, and job search process for public and private sector.