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University Partnership with Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology

IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law

City Year is proud to partner with IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law, a national leader in legal education, so our alumni can continue to affect change in their communities, offering a $10,000 grant.


Chicago-Kent is recognized for the scholarly excellence of its faculty and distinguished by its curricular innovation. As part of Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago-Kent is one of the few law schools affiliated with a technological university. Recognizing that students must be able to think like lawyers before they can practice, Chicago-Kent first and foremost teaches students the inner logic of the law. Chicago-Kent then stresses innovative skills programs that enable students to learn to practice as attorneys. The school’s focus on legal writing, clinical, and trial advocacy programs equips students to hit the ground running upon graduation. In addition, the school’s historical focus on the intersection between law and technology further enhances students’ ability to anticipate future developments in the law.

Benefits offered by IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law

Scholarship Amount $10,000 non-renewable first-year grant
Number of Scholarships Awarded Annually 3
Application Fee Waiver Yes
Enrollment Deferral One-year deferral


  • City Year alumni for at least one year of service and City Year staff members employed for at least two years.
  • Grant must be applied towards J.D. program

To Apply

  • Click here to access IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law admissions website and apply online.
  • There is no absolute deadline for applications (with the exception of applicants applying under the binding Early Decision Program), Chicago-Kent strongly suggests that they be filed as soon as possible after October 1, and preferably before March 1. Because Chicago-Kent has a rolling admissions process.
  • First-year applicants are considered only for the current year and only for entry in the fall semester.
  • To identify your City Year affiliation contact the Office of Admissions by phone or by e-mail to get the application fee waived and to identify yourself as a City Year applicant. You should also self-identify on your resume or essay.

To Contact the Admissions Office

Please note that all admissions and scholarship decisions are made by the educational institution. Corps members, alumni and staff interested in these scholarships must complete the full application process for the institution. Please pay close attention to deadlines, and consider beginning work on your applications early in the year.