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Career Partnership: Lesley University Elementary Education Urban Initiative
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City Year is proud to partner with Lesley University Elementary Education Urban Initiative (EEUI) so our alumni can continue to make a difference in classrooms and in the lives of students. This partnership reflects the shared visions and values of both organizations, and their belief that young people can keep students on track to graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education.


Lesley UniversityElementary Education Urban Initiative (EEUI) Master degree program prepares teachers to be effective in elementary classrooms in urban settings with large numbers of culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students.  This accelerated, full time program includes two summers and a year-long, school based internship during which time participants will also complete classes at Lesley as well as at their urban school site. Depending upon the needs of the district partner, paid tutoring, substitute teaching, or classroom aide positions may be available.  Individuals who complete the program and pass state tests will be endorsed for Massachusetts elementary initial license, and be prepared to add the ESL license.

The City Year experience is a strong indicator of future success in the Lesley University EEUI program and serving a year with City Year strengthens a candidate’s application and chances for being selected as a program participant.

Benefits offered by Lesley University Elementary Education Urban Initiative


  • District instructors mentored by Lesley core faculty to support your
    student teaching success

  • ESL licensure competencies and courses integrated with elementary
    course instruction

  • Clinically based assignments for all courses taught at Lesley and the
    district siteCourses dedicated to EEUI participants

  • Use of assessment data to measure student achievement and inform

  • Additional field experiences available in schools such as substitute
    teaching, tutoring, or summer programs, etc.

  • Course sequence that provides optimal MTEL test preparation


Note to currently serving corps members:  Please compare the Start Date for Lesley University EEUI (June 1) with your City Year graduation date. Corps members who graduate on June 1 or later may need special accommodation to complete their service term early or begin Lesley late. Please speak to a Lesley admissions staff member and your Program Director about this conflict and options you may explore to commit to both your service with City Year and your participation in EEUI.

Program Delivery and Costs:

Six of the courses in the program are taught at the Lesley University Cambridge campus. The EEUI Lesley student pays the regular on-campus tuition, minus a 25% discount, for these 6 courses (18 credits), and the online tuition for 4 courses (12 credits) of the 43-47 credit program. Five courses (16 credits) are taught within the urban district/school by educators, who are also Lesley faculty. The district/school charges a reduced fee for these courses, and the Lesley student pays an additional 1-credit affiliation fee to the University, also at a 25% reduced rate.


Applicants to Lesley’s EEUI program, particularly those of CLD backgrounds, are also encouraged to apply for the $5,000 EEUI GSOE Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to individuals who demonstrate a commitment and passion for working with culturally and linguistically diverse students.


To request an EEUI GSOE Scholarship application, please contact Barbara Ulm at

The Massachusetts Teach Grant:

  • This grant is for candidates training in a high need field, which includes ESL, and planning to teach in a high need school, often urban.  Students need to teach in a high need school for 4 years in an 8 year period for the grant to not convert to a loan.  One can apply for $4,000 per year.  The grant period runs from September to August, and you must apply while your courses are still running.  One could apply for another $4,000 for the following year.

  • This will only work for a student who gets (adds) the ESL license and teaches in an elementary ESL, sheltered immersion, or bilingual classroom where the ESL license is required. A regular elementary classroom with a few ELLs would not qualify as a placement for this grant’s purpose.  Also, the position would have to be in one of the listed schools.  If one does not teach in the above context, the grant will convert to an unsubsidized Stafford Loan.


To Apply to the Lesley University Elementary Education Urban Initiative:

  • Click here for details on how to apply

  • City Year corps members and alumni should highlight their City Year experience on their resume as part of application materials and contact Amanda Ceide (contact information below) to identify themselves as a City Year applicant

  • Applicants can also contact Barbara Ulm at to explore the possibility of additional scholarship opportunities.

To Contact the Admissions Office


Please note that all admissions decisions are made by Lesley University. Corps members and alumni interested in the residency program must complete the full application process.