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Alumni Spotlight: David Weiss

David Weiss '08 • MD and MPH Candidate at Tufts University

1) Why did you decide to join City Year?DWeiss

I was excited about doing something that was different from anything I'd ever done before. I was drawn to City Year's powerful service, and how excited Corps Members were about the work they do.

2) How did your City Year experience shape your career path?

Working in the South Bronx was a formative experience for me. My abstract understanding of classism,racism, xenophobia quickly became informed by concrete experience. These experiences and a desire to continue to live a life of service led me to where I am today, beginning a career in community health.

3) What are you doing now?

After a City Year hosted an 18 minute networking event during my corps year, I decided to pursue an additional degree in public health. I am currently finishing up my MD and MPH degrees at Tufts University and will be placed in a Family Medicine residency next.

) Do you have any advice for current or prospective corps members? 

There's a PITW (Putting Idealism to Work) about how it is a privilege to do the work you do that I learned during my corps year. As cheesy as it sounds, it couldn't be more true. As I continue my work and training, I often find it useful to take a step back and remember that PITW.

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