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National Service Scholar Nickol Gomez

Nickol Gomez Cedillo '11 Our Lady of the Lake University '15

1) What was the process like for applying to the give a year scholarship? How did you find out about it?

For me the process was a little overwhelming since I had never applied for scholarships before. I found out about the City Year scholarships available through City Year's University Partners from my executive director, Paul Garro.

2) Where

and what will you be studying? Why did you decide to choose that major?

I will be studying at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas and I will be studying Criminal Justice. I decided on Criminal Justice because throughout my life and within my family I have experienced crime and I want to work to prevent that, especially with our youth.  

3) How has your experience at City Year impacted your decisions after? Can you pinpoint new skills or abilities you can attribute to the City Year experience?

My experience with City Year has made me realize how important education really is. I learned to listen actively and to have an open heart and help those who are in need because I want to and not because it is the right thing to do.  

4) Do you have plans for what field you would like to work in after you finish your degree?

My long term career goal is to work for the Texas Youth Commission in Austin, Texas. 

) Can you give us a snapshot of one of your favorite moments/memories at City Year? 

One of my favorite moments was only last week. My former Program Manager informed me that she had visited the school I served at and that one of the teachers we worked with told her that a student came to visit them and he told them he was excited for high school. When I first met the student he had no motivation to pass to high school I worked hard to get him back on track. The teacher asked him why he was excited and he said, "Nickol inspired me to do better.” I then received an e-mail from the student saying that thanks to me he was now smart. I responded by telling him that it was all his hard work and I always supported him to do his best. It was one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced.


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