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Alumni Spotlight: Jason Whitehead
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Jason Whitehead  ’06, ’07 – Sales, McCasters-Carr

"Through City Year, I am able to share the gift of service with others"

What is your current job and what are your responsibilities?

I currently work as a member of the sales team at McMasters-Carr, a company that supplies products used to maintain manufacturing plants and large commercial facilities worldwide.

How has your volunteer work translated into your paying job?

I found that the skills I learned at City Year have certainly helped me in my career. At City Year I learned how to work as a member of a team toward a common goal. City Year helped to build and refine my leadership and communication skills. My time with City Year taught me how to motivate myself and those around me.

How did your experience at CY influence your career path?

After finishing my service with City Year I applied for a job with Frito-Lay. The interviewer was very interested in hearing about City Year, and was impressed by the leadership skills and enthusiasm that I had as a result of my time with City Year. I was offered a job as a district manager, responsible for a team of 14. I believe that City Year absolutely helped me begin my career in sales.

What advice would you give a young adult considering City Year?

I did City Year right after college and my piece of advice would be that there is no wrong answer. It is important to include and make people feel included throughout the City Year experience, which will allow you and other people to grow and learn from each other. City Year does a good job for individuals who take the time and enjoy the experience and put 110% into the experience

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