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National Service Scholar Maddie Carson

Maddie Carson '09, '10 • MSW Candidate, The Brown School '12

Having spent her corps year and senior corps year serving with City Year Boston, Maddie Carson has since found herself in St. Louis, back in the arms of many City Year alumni. Carson is halfway done with her Masters of Social Work at The Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis, with a concentration in school social work. She finds herself surrounded by classmates full of zeal and at least 12 other City Year alumni who are continuing their idealistic journey.

Carson attributes her passion for social work to her time serving with City Year. During her senior corps year, Carson was able to interact with a social worker who worked at her school. Seeing the impact that the social worker was having on the children both in and outside of the classroom, Carson was inspired to pursue a Masters in Social Work. For Carson though, the impact of City Year has not stopped there.

"Coming out of City Year, I find, I sometimes have a leg up on other students. Within our classes here we learn about the theoretical and psychological approach of social work and how it can help the youth facing inequalities today. But I already have this great general first-hand knowledge of the problems children are facing in urban schools today. I'm learning the real theory behind a lot of the work that I did during my corps years.”

Currently, Carson is participating in the Brown School's practicum, giving students hands-on internship type experience. Carson is working on instituting violence prevention programs, traveling along with her colleagues to conduct conflict resolution, anti-bullying, and peaceful reconciliation programs in schools and juvenile detention centers.

Coming into the Brown School, Carson knew she wanted to work with kids in the public school system at the elementary or middle school level. Once she is finished at the Brown School, Carson will be equipped and ready to take on her chosen career. With amazing classmates at her side Carson says, "The reason why I love the Brown School is why I love City Year, there is this sense of passion about everyone; a drive and a want for more”.

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