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Career Partner Spotlight: Marcus McKoy and Teach for America

Marcus McKoy '10, '11 • Teach for America '13

 Marcus McKoy
two years I spent working with students in the classroom,” says Marcus McKoy ’10, ‘11, "ignited a passion for youth work and gave me the skills to embark on a life-time career in education. Education is a social justice issue and I have a role to play to address it.” 

After graduating from The University of Redlands, Marcus served as a corps member and senior corps member with City Year Los Angeles where he wrote lesson plans and delivered after school programming in an elementary school, and organized service days to engage local middle and high school students through curriculum focused on social justice and equality issues.

Today, Marcus is building on the impact he began with City Year as a Teach for America corps member in Orangeburg, SC. He teaches 10th and 11th grade chemistry and physical science and is an assistant coach on the baseball team.

Marcus has found that the skills he acquired while with City Year have enabled Marcus in City Yearhim to motivate his students and maximize their potential as learners, as well as his own potential as an educator. 

"I have the ability to make my classes more engaging and more impactful. If the students are not finding the class interesting on a particular day, I can always make a game or competition to spice things up.”

His TFA Summer Institute and professional development resources from the school district has played an important role in preparing him for success: "I didn’t major in science in college so I had to immerse myself in studying and lesson planning. The Summer Institute is challenging but I had a lot of support during my six weeks of training. My school district has been very supportive of me as a first year teacher.”

Marcus encourages all corps members and alumni considering applying to Teach for America to take time to reflect on what motivated you join City Year and what do you want to accomplish as a teacher. This perspective will not only help you during the application process and Summer Institute but keep you focused day to day in the classroom.

"Whatever keeps you motivated right now, the core of your motivation, keep that in the forefront of your mind and reflect on that every day. When it gets hard, you can lose perspective. Being at City Year you have a team; with teaching it’s just you in the classroom. Keep reflecting on what motivates you. Your students will benefit.”

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