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Alumni Spotlight: Nick Barnes
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Career Spotlight: Nick Barnes ’05, ’06 – Attorney, Allen Kuehnle Stovall & Neuman LLP

 Nick Barnes"City Year, through its LACY programs, gives you other valuable tools and contacts to prepare you for your life after City Year."

What role did City Year play in your career choice and progression?

Since my sophomore year of high school, I knew I wanted to be a lawyer. I did not know, however, the areas of law in which I wanted to practice. Although City Year did not necessarily affect my decision to become a lawyer, my time working in the community while with City Year helped me discover that I wanted to focus on areas of law that truly help people. After my time with City Year, I enrolled at the University of Toledo College of Law. Now, I am practicing law in Columbus, Ohio. I specialize in civil litigation matters in the areas of creditor and debtors rights, insolvency, and complex class action matters.

What skills or lessons did you take away from your City Year experience?

The biggest thing I took away from my City Year experience was perspective. Volunteering with City Year, whether in the schools or in various projects throughout the city, gave me a unique insight into the struggles of many in my community. In addition to furthering my desire to assist those in need, the experiences provided me with the perspective that, no matter what problem I may have, it is nothing compared to daily struggles of many in the community. In law school, this perspective kept me grounded and helped me to remain calm when fellow classmates stressed over the demands of law school. This perspective, however, has also helped me stay grounded after law school and even today.

Do you stay involved in community work today?

Yes. Currently, I serve as the Co-Chairman of the City Year Columbus Alumni Board, as a member of the City Year Columbus Advisory Board, and as a member of the City Year National Alumni Advisory Board. In addition to my City Year community work, I am also involved in other volunteer activities in the community, such as volunteer events hosted by my undergraduate alma mater, Ohio Wesleyan University, in the Columbus, Ohio area. To me, staying in contact with City Year Columbus and its Corps Members is refreshing and their idealism is contagious.

What advice would you give a young adult considering CY?

Do it. You are young and have the opportunity to take part in a unique organization that effects positive change. City Year is at the forefront of the education reform movement, and you could be a part of the positive and lasting change City Year has on the children and communities in which it serves. Plus, City Year, through its LACY programs, gives you other valuable tools and contacts to prepare you for your life after City Year.


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