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Career Partnership with UNCF Special Programs Corporation


City Year is proud to partner with the UNCF Special Programs Corporation (UNCFSP) so our alumni can continue to focus on education and innovation. This partnership reflects the visions and values of both organizations, and their shared belief in the power of young people and the importance of diversity and education. City Year strengthens an applicant’s competitiveness and chances for being selected as a participant for a UNCFSP program.


UNCFSP, born from the long-standing traditions of the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), works diligently to create connections between the diverse, high-performing workforce of the minority education community and private industry to address the nation’s imperatives.

While equally committed to the minority education community through our strong partnership with UNCF, UNCFSP operates as a separate and independent 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization with our own Board of Directors.

Our minority education constituency includes Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs), and Other Minority Institutions (OMIs).

UNCFSP recognizes that education and innovation are key drivers of our economic growth, security and continued globalization. And to this end, UNCFSP has engaged the incredible source of untapped talent within the minority education community who are willing and able to be part of the global landscape.

The goal of UNCFSP is to provide Minority Institutions (MIs) with capacity-building opportunities; the government and private industry with access to a talented and diverse workforce; and individuals with the experience, exposure, mentoring, and development they need to have successful and empowered careers.

Since its inception, UNCFSP has built an extensive partnership network consisting of hundreds of domestic and international universities, federal agencies, international governments, non-governmental organizations, and private industry.Thus UNCFSP is uniquely positioned to create effective and efficient strategic partnerships between MIs, private industry, the government and more.

The mission of UNCFSP is to provide MIs with the ability to identify, qualify, and capture government opportunities. Through these opportunities and with strategic partnerships, MIs can produce cutting-edge concepts and develop research to solve our nation’s most pressing concerns.

City Year strengthens an applicant's competitiveness and chances for being selected as a participant for a UNCFSP program.

Benefits offered by the UNCF Special Programs Corporation

UNCFSP is uniquely positioned to connect students, educators, professionals, and Minority Institutions (MIs) to the opportunities to help them achieve their goals. Through our capacity building program, UNCSFP provides the training, mechanisms, and opportunities to help MIs reach their full potential. Our workforce development program provides students, faculty, and seasoned professionals with the development of skills that are the key to a long and successful career. Those opportunities include the following:

  • Development through the Emerging Leaders Institute to enhance skills throughout career and life;

  • Exposure to new ideas and the world through designed studies and study abroad opportunities;

  • Mentoring to promote the sharing of past lessons and guidance from peers and seasoned professionals; and

  • Experience in the workplace gained through internships, fellowships, and other job opportunities.

To View UNCFSP Opportunities

Please visit for current and upcoming opportunities.

    To Contact the UNCFSP Office

    Sarah Broughton
    Development & Partnerships
    6402 Arlington Blvd. Suite 600

    Please note that all decisions are made by the UNCF Special Programs Corporation. Corps members and alumni interested in  opportunities must complete the full application process.