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Career Partnership with Urban Teachers

Change Starts in the Classroom.

Join Urban Teachers’ classrooms in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., or Dallas/Fort Worth.  


City Year is proud to partner with Urban Teachers (formerly Urban Teacher Center) so our alumni can continue to make a difference in classrooms and in the lives of students. This partnership reflects the shared visions and values of both organizations, and their belief that young people can keep students on track to graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education. City Year strengthens an applicant’s competitiveness and chances for being selected for the Urban Teachers. In fact, City Year AmeriCorps members have a shortened selection process.  Fill out the pre-approval form here.


Urban Teachers is an alternative teacher certification program that works to close the achievement gap in schools by improving teacher quality and preparing a pipeline of high-performing career teachers that stay.

Urban Teachers participants are among the most expert and results-oriented in the nation because:

  • We provide the best teacher preparation available. During the first year of the four-year commitment, before you start teaching on your own, you’ll spend 1,500 hours working with students in urban classrooms.
  • During this time, you also begin graduate coursework for a Master of Science in Education degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Education. All coursework is clinically based, allowing for immediate practice of learned skills in the classroom and equipping you with a toolbox of proven strategies for working with all students. 
  • Four (4) years of mentoring and support is tailored to your needs—from coaches and peers—and available longer than any other preparation program. This includes three (3) full years of one-on-one coaching to ensure you grow into an effective teacher. And, because Urban Teachers prepares you for the job from day-one, you'll be able to quickly grow into a teacher leader, providing support and guidance to your colleagues in your school and city.

Urban Teachers participants are part of an unprecedented commitment to student performance: only those who demonstrate an effective teaching practice, student learning gains and growth mindset/professionalism are recommended for certification (general and special education) and complete the full four-year program.

Urban Teachers is also very excited to announce the Black Educators initiative, a five-year effort to rapidly accelerate recruitment, support and retention of qualified, committed Black educators across Baltimore, DC, and Dallas. The Black Educators Initiative is designed to remove barriers inhibiting the recruitment and retention of Black educators through research-based and innovative approaches. Click here to learn more about this initiative and stay informed on further details surrounding eligibility and financial and programmatic support for Black applicants.


Watch the 9/20/2018 webinar recording with 2 City Year alums featured on the panel

Who we Look for:
We are now accepting applications for our Cohort 2019 with placement in mid-to late June 2019 in Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Dallas/Fort Worth.  Urban Teachers strongly encourages City Year corps members and alums to apply.  In fact, you are pre-approved as long as you meet our eligibility requirements and pass through our short online application.  Urban Teachers looks for applicants who have demonstrated grit and commitment and knowledge of education equity—everything you get from your City Year experience.   

Participant Finances:
During the first year, participants receive a stipend from Urban Teachers of at least $20,000.  The program tuition is $40,000 and there are many options for obtaining financial aid through Johns Hopkins University School of Education.

Starting the second year, participants are employed as the teacher of record and begin to receive full salary and benefit.  Urban Teachers operates in cities with some of the highest starting teacher salaries in the nation and with opportunities for pay for performance (teachers that are effective improving student achievement are paid more).

Urban Teachers is a member of the AmeriCorps Affiliate program.  This means that incoming residents may be eligible for up to two (2) Segal AmeriCorps Education Awards that can be used towards the costs of tuition for the master’s degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Education or to pay down prior student loans. This benefit is worth approximately $5,900 per year for a total of nearly $12,000 over the first two years of the program.  City Year members already come with at least one Segal Award that you can use towards your tuition costs.  (Please note: each year the exact amount is set Oct. 1 for the following year and has not yet been confirmed for Cohort 2019).


How to Apply:

Urban Teachers is an Employer of National Service. Our application deadlines for the year are:

  • Sept. 9
  • Oct. 15
  • Nov. 19
  • Dec. 20
  • Jan. 27
  • Feb. 24
  • Mar. 23
  • April 13


Fill out this form to initiate your application.

For more information or to start an application, visit us on the web at   Urban Teachers allows pre-approval for City Year corps members and alums with a 3.0 or higher undergraduate GPA - apply and then City Year applicants can skip the digital and final interview.  If your undergrad GPA is less than 3.0 and minimum of 2.5 you can still apply -- you just need to go through our regular selection process.

Urban Teachers is also paying $200 towards travel costs to attend one of our Job Shadow Days.  Urban Teachers provides a free online, on-demand course for Praxis Core Math (required for DC and Baltimore if you don’t have qualifying SAT, GRE or ACT scores) and PACT EC-6 Math and PACT 7-12 Math (required for Dallas/Fort Worth) - click here.

To Contact Urban Teachers

  • See what others are saying about Urban Teachers at @Urban_Teachers and follow us on Facebook.

Alumni Spotlights                                                               

Angelika Dorman (Washington, DC '12 and Washington, DC UT Resident Cohort 2012) has worked at Orr Elementary (recently renamed Lawrence E. Boone Elementary) in Washington, DC since she started with Urban Teachers. She began her teaching career as a first-grade teacher, then worked as a pre-k teacher for two years before transitioning to become a special education pre-K-4th grade inclusion teacher.  Read more.

“Through Urban Teachers, I learned how to implement a successful co-teaching model with a general education teacher, which is crucial skill for an inclusion Special Education Teacher. I also learned how to infuse a universal design for learning, giving all students an equal opportunity to succeed.”  

Terrence Smith (Orlando '16 and Dallas UT Resident 2016 Cohort) is in his third year teaching at the same school where he completed his residency.  Read about Terrence reflection on lessons learned in teaching with UT and experience convening with black male educators at EdFest.

“Looking back, I dread the thought of what kind of teacher I would have been without Urban Teachers’ residency year.  I think a residency year should be required for all new teachers.”  

Gabriella Nunnally is a City Year Dallas Alum in the Elementary Education Program of Study with Urban Teachers in Dallas.  She is a graduate of Northern Arizona University


“City Year prepared me for Urban Teachers.   At City Year, I learned the importance of relationship building.  I worked with 130 students each day.  Once I got to know my students better, we were able to have honest conversations, create memories, and learn life-long lessons from one another.  I learned that positive relationship building is the key to setting personalized goals, making connections, and learning.


Now that I have followed my passion in education from City Year to Urban Teachers, I have learned how to serve students even better through a year-long residency, master’s coursework and one on one coaching. The biggest takeaway from my experience so far is the importance of classroom management. Building relationships with students plays a huge role in managing a classroom. In order to meet students’ needs, you have to know them well, but I’ve also learned that you need a strong teacher presence to create a nurturing and accountable learning environment.”


Andrew McAleese is a City Year Milwaukee Alum in the Secondary English Language Arts Program of Student with Urban Teachers in Dallas.  He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin. 


“At South Division High School with City Year Milwaukee, I started with a focus on attendance, behavior, and coursework, but quickly saw that these were symptoms of much larger issues. This understanding prepared me to run a classroom which empowers students to have the safe space and classroom community to speak about their experiences and then use them to facilitate instruction.


This year as a resident with Urban Teachers, I’ve grown immensely.  I’ve improved time management skills and self-advocacy so I can be the best “Me” for my students—now as a teacher. To give my best to students, I need to be at my best; which means balancing teaching, completing my master’s coursework, and being an active 24-year-old who has a life and interests outside of school (I swear I do!).  With City Year, I got to plan purposeful lessons for 12 students; this year I get to plan purposeful lessons for 112 students. This leap in responsibility makes me proud of the man I see in the mirror at 6AM every morning.

This year at Urban Teachers has been challenging in ways that I would have never envisioned for myself two short years ago when I started City Year, but I am supremely happy to find myself on the path to becoming an effective urban teacher. In the future, I hope to return to Milwaukee and give back to the city that inspired my journey in education."   

Please note that all admissions decisions are made by Urban Teachers. Corps members and alumni interested in the residency program must complete the full application process.