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Career Partnership with Shady Hill School

 Shady Hill    

City Year is proud to partner with Shady Hill School so our alumni can continue to make a difference in classrooms and in the lives of students. This partnership reflects the shared visions and values of both organizations, and their belief that young people can keep students on track to graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education.
City Year strengthens an applicant’s competitiveness and chances for being selected for the Shady Hill School Teacher Training Program.


Shady Hill School is an independent, coeducational day school with a mission of educating children to be joyful, active learners who develop the intellectual discipline necessary to become contributing, ethical citizens. Each year the school’s Teacher Training Program provides sixteen aspiring teachers with well-guided, hands-on experiences in pre-K through eighth-grade classrooms where practice merged with theory is paramount. Immersion in the classroom while studying and working alongside a talented mentor is the best way to learn how to teach. In this one-year, site-based preparation program, apprentice teachers discover what teaching is all about through observation, supervised teaching, workshops, seminars, and continuous involvement in the life of the school.


The City Year experience is a strong indicator of future success as a Shady Hill School Apprentice Teacher.  Serving a year with City Year strengthens an applicant’s chances of being selected as a program participant.

Benefits offered by the nationally recognized Shady Hill School Teacher Training Program


  • Master’s degree in Education from Lesley University or Tufts University

  • MA state licensure

  • Fellowships and significant financial aid

  • Mentored classroom experiences in two separate classrooms

  • Learn to teach in Cambridge or Brookline schools and Shady Hill School


To Apply

  • Click here for details on qualifications, admissions timeline, the application process, and Lesley University and Boston University admissions

  • The Teacher Training Program enrolls 15-18 apprentices per year. The admission process is highly competitive and spaces tend to fill early.

  • City Year corps members and alumni should highlight their City Year experience on their resume as part of application materials and contact Kim Parker, Program Supervisor for TTC at to identify your City Year affiliation after submission of your application.

  • To contact the admissions office, call (617) 520-5215 or


    Alumni Profile 

    When he teaches, his students are engaged, inquisitive, and challenged. He’s a natural, and it’s no surprise his experience has brought him to the classroom.

    In his own words, "It’s who I am - I love service.”   

    Derrick Rainey, City Year Little Rock/North Little Rock '09, '10


    To read more about Derrick's experience at Shady Hill, click here.



    Please note that all admissions decisions are made by Shady Hill School. Corps members and alumni interested in the program must complete the full application process.