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City Year Alumni University Partnerships
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City Year Alumni University Partners are a network of higher education institutions providing benefits to members of the City Year network.  Our wide range of partners believe the service experience of City Year alumni can be an incredible asset to their communities, no matter the specific focus of their program.

Our Partners

To learn more about our 100+ Partners, please select a list from below:

If you are interested in becoming a University Partner, please click here.

How To Apply

To apply for benefits with one of our Partners, City Year corps and alumni should do the following:

  • Visit the Alphabetical List of University Partners - it has most comprehensive list of benefits with links to learn more about the partnership (either on the Alumni website or the university's website).
  • If school has partner page on Alumni Website:
    • Visit the specific partnership page from one of the lists above
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the "How To Apply" section
    • Follow the specific steps outlined on the partner's page
    • If the partner requires a service verification letter, please allow for 5 business days to process and send the letter.
  • If directed to the school's website:
    • Visit the school's page to learn more about benefits offered
    • If no specific instructions are included about how to waive the application fee or be considered for the scholarship, please contact the admissions office of the school, identify your City Year affiliation and inquire what is needed to waive fee and be eligible for scholarship consideration
    • If the partner requires a service verification letter, please allow for 5 business days to process and send the letter.
  • Corps: If you have questions, please connect with your site's LACY Point.

Helpful application tips 

  • Apply Early! Some partners have limited scholarship funds; applying early means you'll be considered in the first group of City Year applicants interested in the program.
  • Scholarship funds can be competitive; be sure to reflect your professionalism in all communications and outreach.
  • Connect with an admissions counselor from the program! Individual interactions make a significant difference in your likelihood of acceptance and financial aid package.
  • Alumni can access their own service verification letter ("My Service Letter") through their account.

Who Is Eligible?

City Year corps members, alumni and current/former staff are eligible if you have:

  • Serve(d) with City Year in any of our 28 US Sites and complete at least one term of service (Mid Year AmeriCorps members who complete term are eligible); staff members must be employed with City Year for at least two years.  
  • You can apply to a partner school during or after your term(s) of service. If accepted, applicants either automatically receive a scholarship, complete a supplementary scholarship application to determine eligibility, or compete with other City Year corps members alumni and staff members for a select number of scholarships.

Still Have Questions?

If you have read through the content on a partner's page and have further questions, let us know!

  • Questions about eligibility, receipt of scholarship, or our partnership program, please contact Sean McDevitt, Senior Director of Alumni & Career Services, at
  • Questions about specific program offerings, applications, or your status with a program, please contact the Admissions Department from the partner school.

Interested in Partnering With Us?