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Thinking About Your Major

Many students think that they should know what their major will be before they enter college. The opposite is true. You may know that you are interested in the humanities or sciences but keep in mind that colleges offer courses in subjects not offered in high schools. College is likely to be the first chance you will have to study anthroplogy, philosophy or environmental science to name just a few college courses.

In fact, you should keep in mind that most students enter school listing their major as "undecided”. Expect that college will help you decide what your major will be. If you think you do know what you want to do, take some time to read up on exactly what your course of study might be.

In the front pages of the Barron’s guide you will find a quick, helpful guide to majors. If you think you would like to go into business, you will find a list of majors that people in business might study such as accounting and marketing. Barron’s will also list the kind of courses you will have to take as well as what interests people who chose this major might have.


This information has been written by consultant Jan Raymond for use by City Year.