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As a City Year alum, you are part of a nationwide network of 25,000 alumni.



The City Year Alumni Association seeks to be a unique and diverse lifelong resource, community and experience to advance City Year’s impact and alumni leadership development.


As a community of idealists, alumni will take up the challenge to become Leaders for Life to address the needs of their communities and to continue to change the world long after they have taken off their City Year jacket.


Our Alumni

City Year alumni are Leaders for Life, serving as leaders in education, non-profit organizations, medicine, law, government, the corporate sector, the arts and many other professions.


Across the nation, City Year alumni are active citizens who continue to change the world. A study conducted by Policy Studies Associates indicates that on every established major indicator of civic engagement, City Year alumni excel:

About Our Alumni

  • Leadership: At least 90% of alumni reported that their City Year experience contributed to their ability to solve problems in their communities.
  • Volunteering: Nearly 70% of City Year alumni volunteer 10 hours a month, making them 65% more likely to be engaged in volunteer activities than similarly situated individuals in the national population.
  • Education: 81% of alumni completed additional schooling after City Year.
  • Voting: While fewer than half of 18-40 year olds in America vote, City Year alumni vote at a rate of 71%.