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TNTP Teaching Fellows

City Year is proud to partner with TNTP Teaching Fellows, a national nonprofit organization working to end educational inequality in partnership with leading public school systems and states.

TNTP Teaching Fellows offers City Year alums

Teaching residency

  • Hands-on training and personal coaching: innovative training starts with students first and emphasizes actual teaching experience, practicing core skills you’ll need to be an effective teacher for your students. A coach will give you real-time feedback to help you develop those skills. TNTP’s model has been proven effective and Fellows perform as well as teachers trained in traditional, theoretical, longer and more expensive programs.
  • Student-centered, accelerated and more affordable routes to certification: an accelerated program that doesn’t take shortcuts. Spend less time with theory so you can spend more time with students in practice. After a summer training experience, Fellows start teaching in their own classroom and earn a full-time teacher salary and benefits. TNTP’s certification coursework can be completed in as little as one year and its tuition is much lower than most other programs.
  • Diverse cohort of peers to lean on: Be a part of a cohort of individuals from different backgrounds who can share new perspectives and help you navigate the transition to teaching. As part of a diverse cohort, you’ll have the opportunity to be a role model for students, helping students see themselves reflected in their teachers and leaders.
  • Abbreviated application process: City Year AmeriCorps members and alums who apply for one of TNTP’s Teaching Fellows programs will be eligible for a priority application process and bypass the initial short-answer essay questions. When submitting your online application, complete all pages, but on the “application questions” page, use the code “City Year” in place of the short-answer application questions. By inputting the code “City Year” on the abbreviated application, City Year applicants get automatically pushed to the interview round.
  • Americorps Education Award: upon successfully completing your first year of teaching in a systemically under-resourced school, TNTP Fellows enrolled in the TNTP AmeriCorps Program are eligible for an education award of up to $6,345 that can be used for repayment of federal student loans and/or for future educational costs at schools that accept federal financial aid; however, it cannot be applied towards TNTP Academy tuition and fees.
  • Postponement of federal student loans repayment: TNTP Fellows who enroll in the TNTP AmeriCorps Program may be eligible to pause repayment of outstanding federal student loans. You would not have to make any federal student loan payments during your year of service. After you successfully complete the year, AmeriCorps would repay any interest accrued during that time.
  • Black Educator Excellence Cohort: supports new Black enrollees in transitioning to the teaching profession to help address barriers to the classroom that Black teachers often face. This cohort provides support, including some financial, exam preparation support and builds a networking and fellowship community with other Black educators. All participants who identify as Black/African American who are enrolled in the 2023-24 cohort with Baltimore City Teaching Residency, Indianapolis Teaching Fellows, teachNOLA or Teach Minnesota are eligible for the Black Educator Excellence Cohort.

Why City Year loves TNTP Teaching Fellows

TNTP Teaching Fellows offers career changers, graduating college seniors and recent graduates a faster, more affordable path to teacher certification through practice, job-embedded training and personalized coaching. Its unique programs in Baltimore, Indianapolis, Minneapolis and New Orleans are rooted in local communities, develop dedicated educators who often reflect the students they serve and are committed to creating better schools and classroom experiences for all students.

TNTP Teaching Fellows is designed to translate your passion into action. The program, built on more than 20 years of research and work in the field, is innovative and effective because it continuously reviews and refines its practices, incorporating students’ diverse aspirations, cultures and life experiences. TNTP holds the highest standards for effective teaching of any teacher preparation program in America. Fellows come from all walks of life and learn to teach critical subjects such as math, science and special education. It’s why 38,000 teachers have selected TNTP’s program as their certification program. City Year strengthens an applicant’s competitiveness and chances for being selected for TNTP’s Teaching Fellows programs.

Watch this video to meet a fifth and sixth grade math teacher in Nashville, Tennessee, who shifted their career from management consulting to the classroom to serve as a “role model and symbol of hope” for other students.

To apply

Apply online and learn more about TNTP’s selection process. Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis, so applying early could increase your chance of admission.

Please compare the start date for the Teaching Fellows program(s) in which you are interested to your City Year graduation date. AmeriCorps members should avoid applying to Teaching Fellows programs and locations with a conflict, since being accepted into a program that starts before your City Year graduation would end your term of service with City Year, which could have implications such as losing benefits available to you as a City Year alum.

To identify your City Year affiliation

All applicants are asked to note if they are a City Year AmeriCorps member or alum.

For more information

For more information and any questions, please complete this contact us form, email and visit our TNTP Teaching Fellows program pages to learn more about each program’s requirements, benefits and application processes:
Please note that all admissions decisions are made by TNTP Teaching Fellows. AmeriCorps members and alums interested in applying must complete the full application process.

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