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Paul Quinn College

City Year is proud to partner with Paul Quinn College, a Historically Black College (HBCU) and one of the most innovative colleges in America. Paul Quinn’s mission is to create change agents for the global marketplace that graduate with real-world work experience through their groundbreaking Urban Work College Model.

Paul Quinn College offers City Year AmeriCorps members, alums, and staff a direct pathway into corporate internships and up to $18,000 in annual scholarships.

As one of the most affordable private colleges in the country, Paul Quinn’s Corporate Work Program internship and scholarship may provide City Year applicants with full tuition and fees coverage*. This opportunity is available for any qualified City Year applicants each year towards full-time study in an undergraduate degree program.

Corporate Work Program internships and the accompanying scholarships are renewable for the entire duration of a student’s time at the college and are applicable to either transfer or first-time freshman students. To renew the Corporate Work Program internship and scholarship, the student must be selected by the corporate partner(s) and should remain in good standing with the corporate partner(s). Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better and continued full-time enrollment.

This opportunity is awarded to City Year AmeriCorps members and alums who complete at least one term of service and City Year staff employed for at least two years.

*Tuition and fees for the 2024-2025 school year are estimated to total $13,498 for the academic year. This does not include room and board.

Additional benefits

  • There is no application fee for prospective students who submit the online application.
  • Enrollment deferral: A one-year deferral is available for accepted students who decide to serve additional time with City Year before starting their studies.
  • Applicants will be considered for additional merit-based aid based on the strength of the application.

Why City Year loves Paul Quinn College

Founded in the basement of Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church in Austin, TX in 1872, Paul Quinn College is one of the most innovative colleges in America. With an ethos of “We over me”, they believe that the needs of a community must always supersede the wants of an individual. They challenge the status quo at every turn. Their mission is to create change agents for the global marketplace. Their goal is to eradicate intergenerational poverty. They believe that in a country as wealthy as America, no one should live lives of scarcity. They created the Urban Work College Model to provide their students with the training and resources needed to pull themselves and their families out of poverty.

To apply

Visit Paul Quinn’s admission website to learn more about the application process and apply online.

Paul Quinn has a rolling admission policy. However, demand has been high in recent years, and it is possible the entering class will reach capacity. Priority is given to students who complete the application process in a timely manner. The application priority deadline for admission into the Fall 2024 semester is April 15, 2024 and December 15, 2024 for the Spring 2025 semester.

To identify your City Year affiliation

Please identify your City Year affiliation directly in the application.

To apply for the scholarship

To be considered for the scholarship, a service verification letter must be requested by emailing with “Paul Quinn College: City Year verification letter request” in the subject line. Within the email, include the site where you served and your AmeriCorps graduation month and year. This letter will be sent electronically by City Year to the admissions office and added to your applicant file.

To contact the admissions office

To contact the Office of Enrollment Management, please call (214) 379-5449 or email with any questions.

Please note that all admissions and scholarship decisions are made by the educational institution. AmeriCorps members, alums and staff interested in these scholarships must complete the full application process for the institution. Please pay close attention to deadlines and consider beginning work on your applications early in the year.

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