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City Year Alumni Leadership Awards

The City Year Alumni Leadership Awards recognize outstanding alums who have continued their commitment to service, and have demonstrated extraordinary achievement, contribution, and/or commiitment to working towards social justice and building stronger communities.

Celebrate our 2023 Honorees!

We were delighted to gather in Boston on February 8, 2024 to honor Dustin LaFont, Derek Qiu, and Macey Amissah-McKinney with 2023 City Year Alumni Leadership Awards, presented by Truist!

Meet our award winners

Since 1995, more than 125 alums have been honored with the Alumni Leadership Award – City Year’s most prestigious alumni recognition. These awards honor the accomplishments of City Year alums who continue to build stronger communities through innovative approaches and addressing critical social problems.

Award honorees 1995-2023


View the 2023 honorees

Derek Qiu (New York ’19)
Consultant at Deloitte
Distinguished Young Alumni Award

Dustin LaFont (Baton Rouge ’11)
Founder and Executive Director of Front Yard Bikes
Alumni Achievement Award

Macey Amissah-McKinney (Sacramento ’13, ’14)
Senior vice president and executive director at City Year Sacramento
Staff Alumni Impact Award


View the 2022 honorees

Cadence Pentheny (New Hampshire ’17, ’18)
Community educator at Triangle Community Center
Distinguished Young Alumni Award

Yvonne Garcia (San Antonio ’08)
Award-winning teacher at IDEA Public Schools
Alumni Achievement Award

Michael Stevens (Baton Rouge ’06)
Senior vice president and executive director at City Year Washington, D.C.
Staff Alumni Impact Award

Nicole Tsang (New York ’07)
Senior director of enterprise improvement at City Year
Staff Alumni Impact Award


View the 2021 honorees

Emerald Anderson-Ford (New Hampshire ’09, ’10)
Equity specialist at City Year; Founder and owner of Communities Reaching for Equity and Diversity

Kevin Dua (Boston ’10, ’11)
Award-winning history teacher at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School

Dre Thomas (Los Angeles ’11, New York ’12)
Founder and CEO of Smile on Me


View the 2019 honorees

Matthew Axelrod (Boston ’88)
Partner at Linklaters LLP

Robert Barnett (Seattle/King County ’10)
Co-founder and chief operating officer of The Modern Classrooms Project

Imran Siddiquee (San José/Silicon Valley ’08)
Communications director at MediaJustice; Collaborator at South Asian American Digital Archive in Philadelphia

Laura Toni-Holsinger (Boston ’04)
Executive director at United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County

Alissa Ziemianski (Cleveland ’99, Seattle/King County ’00)
Operations and marketing director at Chico Natural Food Cooperative


View the 2018 honorees

Beth Bryant (Boston ’04)
Vice president, strategy at City Year

Maggie P. Chang (New York ’07)
Co-founder, art director and producer at Rising Earth: Human Impact Education; Co-founder and program director at Orange Giraffe Project

Michael Mandel (Chicago ’97)
Immigration lawyer at Kauff, McGuire & Margolis, LLP; Co-chair of the advocacy/media committee at American Immigration Lawyers Association’s New York chapter

Jay Patel (New York ’10)
Co-founder and vice president at Village Energy

Melissa Urbain (San José/Silicon Valley ’06)
Language arts teacher and instructional coach at San José Unified School District; Representative of California Teachers Association State Council


View the 2017 honorees

Beth Marco Bayouth (Chicago ’02)
Director of strategy and development at Big Citizen HUB

Dan Foley (New York ’09, ’10)
Vice president and executive director at City Year Jacksonville

Brent Holsinger (Boston ’04)
Founder and president of On the Road Collaborative

Mubarak Lawrence (Philadelphia ’11)
Co-founder and vice president of Rising Sons, Inc.

Alex Peay (Philadelphia ’10, ’11)
Founder and president of Rising Sons, Inc.

Whitney Parnell (Washington, D.C. ’11, ’12)
Co-founder and CEO of Service Never Sleeps


View the 2016 honorees

Rahn Dorsey (Boston ’90)
Chief of education at City of Boston

Jade Elias (New York ’07)
Chief program officer at Red Hook Initiative

Bethiel Girma Holton (Boston ’06, ’07)
National director of student engagement at City Year

Gina Massuda Barnett (Chicago ’97)
Chronic disease prevention and health promotion unit director at Cook County Department of Public Health

Chris Osgood (Boston ’95)
Chief of streets for City of Boston


View the 2015 honorees

Dr. Hyung “Harry” Cho (Greater Philadelphia ’03)
Director of quality and patient safety at Mount Sinai Hospital

Jeff Lafata (Boston ’00, ’01)
Founder and executive director of Empowering People for Inclusive Communities (EPIC)

Marion Mollegen McFadden (Columbus ’95)
Deputy assistant secretary for grant programs at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Kate Morgan (Greater Philadelphia ’07, Care Force ’08)
Head of corporate social responsibility, North America for SAP

Davier Rodriguez (San Antonio ’10)
Co-founder and coordinator of DREAMzone at Arizona State University


View the 2014 honorees

Alen Amini (Columbus ’10)
Dean of students at Lakeside High School

Thea DeRosa (Columbia ’01, ’02)
Vice president of programs at Cleveland Foodbank

Anuj Gupta (Boston ’97)
Executive director at Mt. Airy USA

Laura Hamm (New York ’05, ’06)
Executive director at City Year Baton Rouge

Sean McDevitt (Boston ’02)
Senior director of alumni and career services at City Year

Jay Thompson (Philadelphia ’03)
Senior director of new site operations at City Year


View the 2013 honorees

Angel Charles (Boston ’97)
Principal of Dennis C. Haley Pilot Elementary School

George Deveney (Greater Philadelphia ’03)
Senior director of new site development at City Year

Mario Fedelin (San José/Silicon Valley ’04, Greater Philadelphia ’05)
Program director at City Year Los Angeles

Aaron Marquez (Boston ’03, ’04)
First Lieutenant of United States Army Reserve; Co-founder of ServeNext

Alejandra St. Guillen (Boston ’96)
Executive director at ¿Oiste?


View the 2012 honorees

Christina Cotto (Rhode Island ’01, ’02)
Program director at City Year Rhode Island

David Hureau (Boston ’98)
Lead designer and manager at StreetSafe Boston; Co-founder of Villages Without Walls

Molly Ola Pinney (Seattle/King County ’01)
Founder and CEO of Global Autism Project

Katie Provencher (Boston ’04)
Director of community engagement at Urban Edge

Matthew Stahl (Boston ’98)
Principal of Pawtucketville Memorial Elementary School


View the 2011 honorees

Tina Fernandes (Washington, D.C. ’02, ’03)
Program director at City Year Washington, D.C.

Melissa Kim (Chicago ’00)
Director at North 5th Street Revitilization Project

Seth Marbin (Seattle ’99)
Human resources business partner at Social Responsibility, Google, Inc.

Sherry Mattson Noud (Boston ’95)
Social worker/homeless services at Fairfax County Public Schools

Meghan Trombly (Seattle ’03)
Director of program operations at Strong Women, Strong Girls


View the 2010 honorees

Alison Coleman-Hardy (Boston ’92)
Director, homelessness prevention programs at City Mission Society

Andrew Fairbairn (Boston ’92)
Founder and director of SEO London

Zach Maurin (Boston ’03)
Co-founder and executive director of ServeNext

Jason Waite (Columbus ’01)
Director of service impact at City Year – leading and deploying Whole School Whole Child service model

Eric Wobser (Cleveland ’02)
Executive director at Near West Community Development Corporation


View the 2009 honorees

Sean Shirley-Davidson (Chicago ’95)
Education reform leader at Neighborhood House Charter School

Sara O’Brien (Columbus ’95)
Entrepreneur and community activist at BreastFest and Tyanna Barre O’Brien Breast Cancer Foundation

Neil Batiancila (Greater Philadelphia ’00)
National service leader and innovator at City Year Greater Philadelphia

Emily Cherniack (Boston ’01)
Coalition builder and community organizer at Be The Change, Inc.

Nicole Yongue (Boston ’05, ’06)
City Heroes program innovator and youth activist


View the 2008 honorees

Toby Chalberg (San Antonio ’99)
National service leader at AmeriCorps Alums

Chris Corneille (Greater Philadelphia ’00)
City Heroes program innovator and developer at City Year

Tony Jordan (Columbia ’93)
Founder and chief visionary officer of AWOL, Inc.

Adero Robinson (Columbus ’96)
Youth development specialist at United Way of Central Ohio

Kyle Wedberg (Boston ’97)
Education leader at Recovery School District of New Orleans


View the 2007 honorees

Jennifer Jarrell (Greater Philadelphia ’99, ’00)
Co-founder and program director of Indian Valley Boys & Girls Club

Elizabeth Nielsen (Greater Philadelphia ’98, San José/Silicon Valley ’99)
Mentor and service program innovator at City Year San José/Silicon Valley

Tondalaya Shepard-Turner (Boston ’94)
Director of community service at Mount Sinai Health System

Rachel Solotaroff, M.D. (Rhode Island ’94)
Medical director at Central City Concern Health Services

Chi Tschang (Rhode Island ’99)
Founding principal of KIPP Academy Fresno


View the 2006 honorees

David Bredhoff (New York ’05)
Co-director at Sudan Freedom Walk

Noelle Celeste (Boston ’93)
Community activist at Children First of Cleveland and Summer on the Cuyahoga

Monica Eav (Greater Philadelphia ’01, ’02)
Advocate of immigrant and international human rights

Veronica Nyhan Jones (Boston ’88)
Organizer at Wold Bank Conference on Poverty and Exclusion of Roma People

Sarah Roberson (San José/Silicon Valley ’97)
Leader and founder of City Year Little Rock


View the 2005 honorees

Christopher Brown (Boston ’00)
Innovator and mentor at City Year and NFTE Incubator Program

Wyneshia Foxworth (Greater Philadelphia ’97, ’98)
Leader and mentor at City Year Greater Philadelphia

Steve Ginsburg (Boston ’95)
Co-founder of HartBeat Ensemble

Eliza Goodwin (Rhode Island ’95)
Executive director and community organizer at Southside Family School

Christopher Murphy (Boston ’88)
Founding executive director of City Year Washington, D.C.


View the 2004 honorees

Lourdes Barroso (Columbus ’95)
Leader at City Year start-up team with four sites

Debra-Ellen Glickstein (Boston ’97)
Community organizer at New York City’s National Service Day

Rebeca Nieves Huffman (Chicago ’98)
President at Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options

Hamilton Simons-Jones (Boston ’97)
Director of community services coordination at Tulane University

Owen Stearns (Boston ’90)
Founding board member of Excel Academy Charter School


View the 2003 honorees

Karilyn Crockett (Boston ’93)
Co-founder of MYTOWN

Kelly Dura (Greater Philadelphia ’99)
Developer at Leadership Curriculum

Mark Payne (Chicago ’96)
Community organizer at Near-West Side Community Development Corporation

J. Carrie Oelberger (Boston ’94)
Founder of Jifunze Project


View the 2002 honorees

Michael Elliott (San José/Silicon Valley ’99)
Advocate at Quality Health Care in Santa Clara County

Sean Holleran (Boston ’95)
Deputy director at City Year Greater Philadelphia

Jamella Lee (Columbus ’99)
Leader of piloting City Year’s Clinton Democracy Fellowship program

Ted Marquis (Boston ’95)
Director, Care Force at City Year’s Corporate Day Service Model

Steve Stevenson (Boston ’94)
Founder of Off the Streets, Gang Outreach Program


View the 2001 honorees

Tiffany Chiang (Chicago ’95)
Founder of GirlWorld

Elliott Epps (Columbia ’95)
Educator and leader at South Carolina Race Relations

Brendan Hughes (Boston ’94)
Founding director of Peabody Theatre Cooperative

Miguel Quinones (Boston ’97)
Community activist and mentor


View the 2000 honorees

Jim Allen (Boston ’93)
Developer of City Year’s national technical infrastructure

LaTonya Brown (Boston ’94)
Developer of City Year’s first evening service program

Bernadette Limosnero (San José ’96)
Leader of national City Year program

Debie Parker (Columbia ’96)
Leader and activist at City Year and Democracy Compact

Sarah Price (Chicago ’96)
Advocate for the rights of children experiencing homelessness


View the 1999 honorees

Deb Berman (Boston ’96)
Co-founder and executive director of Camp Starfish

Steve Burritt (Boston ’97)
Developer of middle school drug prevention curriculum

Jenny Gray (Boston ’93)
Community activist at partnering community organizations

Saskia Grinberg (Boston ’92)
Child advocate at Home for Little Wanderers

Albert Moy (Boston ’96)
Co-founder of Hands Across Generations in the Asian Community


View the 1998 honorees

Jim Balfanz (Boston ’94)
Founding co-executive director of City Year Greater Philadelphia

Taj Mustapha (Boston ’92)
Co-founder of At The Crossroads

Kelly Overton (Columbia ’95)
Director at Youth Voice Radio: On-Air Youth Service Programs

Chris Smith (Rhode Island ’94)
Founder of Geneva Heroes

Renee West (Boston ’92)
Mentor and role model of City Year AmeriCorps members


View the 1997 honorees

Christine Bader (Rhode Island ’94)
Developer at Phillips Academy Andover Community Service Program

Phil Clawson (Boston ’94)
Activist, commitment to strengthening community relations

Susie Margolin (Columbia ’95)
Founder of Blackfeet Youth Initiative

Kadi Tierney (Boston ’91)
Founding executive director of City Year Cleveland

Bonnie Villegas (Boston ’93)
Developer at Peace at Home Domestic Violence Curriculum


View the 1996 honorees

Jay Kim (Boston ’93)
National leader and developer at Public Allies

Chad Olcott (Boston ’91)
Founding executive director of City Year Rhode Island

Maritza Rosario (Boston ’94)
Leader at Kaboom

James Willie (Boston ’88)
Champion of national service learning organizations and initiatives


View the 1995 honorees

Spencer Blasdale (Boston ’88)
Leader of City Year Chicago start-up team

Marilyn Concepcion (Rhode Island ’94)
National spokesperson for national service

Nicole Fyvie (Boston ’93)
Developer of City Year’s HIV/AIDS curriculum and Red Cross partnership

Stephen Spaloss (Boston ’91)
Leader of City Year Rhode Island, City Year San José/Silicon Valley and City Year Philadelphia start-up teams

Andre Thomas (Boston ’92)
Developer of City Year’s violence prevention curriculum

Please contact Laura Kazanovicz, senior director of national alumni impact, at with any questions.

2023 City Year Alumni Leadership Awards

In 2023, we were thrilled to recognize three outstanding alums who have continued their commitment to service, and have demonstrated extraordinary achievement, contribution, and/or commitment to working towards social justice, and building stronger communities.

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