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Why I serve at Champion Middle School

Now that I am serving with City Year, there are a few questions I am asked that require me to reflect before answering. One of those questions is “Why do you serve?”, and I think my response changes a bit every time I answer. Every day, I discover another way that I could benefit my community. The primary reason I serve is because I believe in the power of young people. I believe in their raging creativity and originality along with their ambition to be independent. It is clear to me that all young people can be great, they just need someone to believe in them and help them believe in themselves. Growing up, I had a positive support system–someone always pushing me to do my best and correcting me when I was not reaching my full potential. I needed that constant support system, and once I got older, I realized that not everyone had that kind of mentorship. I hope to inspire every young mind that I come across so that they too will seek the value in mentoring others and helping others reach their full potential. Every person deserves at least one person who sees them for who they are and will contribute to their dreams, especially young people. I serve to provide the support that our students need because I know how important that support was for me when I was young.

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