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Meet Impact Manager Brittany Yost

Meet City Year Detroit Impact Manager Brittany Yost! Impact Managers lead and develop a team of AmeriCorps members as idealistic, emerging leaders and practitioners focused on strengthening schools, supporting students to improve performance, keeping students on track to graduate and establishing positive relationships with school partners. They coach their team of AmeriCorps members through a journey of learning, reflection and service to build civic capacity, civic identity and leadership skills.

Brittany loves and admires the scholars, teachers and administrators she gets the pleasure of working with every day, and each school she’s worked with has built her as a person. We’re grateful Brittany took the time to answer some questions about herself and her service to students and schools in Detroit. We think Brittany is pretty awesome and we’re sure you’ll agree!

What is your school team?

Brenda Scott Academy AKA Beast of the East

What is your “why”? Why do you serve?

I continue to serve because of all the great scholars I have worked with over the years at Central/ Durfee, Mason Academy and Brenda Scott Academy. I love working with scholars on a regular basis as well as meeting and working alongside phenomenal partner teachers and administrators every day. They inspire me and make me want to continue this work.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work?

I love to hang out with my mom, who is my best friend, or my cousin or good friends. I enjoy concerts, comedy shows and Cedar Point. When it is warm, I love to play outside games like cornhole, badminton, volleyball and more. I do love a great reality show as well.

What quote inspires you?

I am not big into quotes, but I would probably say, “Spread love everywhere you go.”

If you had unlimited resources, money and time, what would you do?

I would buy my mom and I a summer house in Michigan on a lake, probably somewhere in Ludington, and my grandparents would live beside us (I would buy them their house as well). I would then buy my mom and I matching matte black Jeep Wranglers. I would buy my permanent home behind the Fashion District off Livernois. I would continue to work because I think I would get bored if I did not. I would go on a long vacation to Denmark, and I would donate most of my money.”

Students say funny things. What is the best student quote you have ever heard?

Probably when a scholar told me that she made her boyfriend spend all his tokens on her at Chucky Cheese, and she was in first grade.

Thank you Brittany for the vital contributions you make to City Year Detroit and the work we do!

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