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More Than a Thank You

March brings about a sense of change and newness, but for City Year AmeriCorps members, March remains the same every year, AmeriCorps Member Appreciation Month. AmeriCorps Members have dedicated a year of their life to service students in community schools as mentors and tutors. While it is not always glamorous work, it is the most rewarding. AmeriCorps members have a much harder job than it looks on the outside. The days and hours are long. Students are different, and learning to navigate their emotions and needs can be challenging. Most AmeriCorps members’ first year of service is navigating unchartered territory. Many have not tutored or been mentors to children, let alone done community service in such a lucrative environment. Being a City Year AmeriCorps member is more than a notion and takes great dedication.

AmeriCorps Members are appreciated and recognized for their hard work and dedication in March. To close out their month on a high note, we want to say THANK YOU!

Thank you for being so dedicated to improving the next generation’s lives.
Thank you for the long hours you work every day.
Thank you for your smiling faces when it wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Thank you for your selflessness in giving back to communities.
Thank you for being willing to learn on those long Learning and Development days.
Thank you for creating a community within your schools for people who didn’t have one.
Thank you for being leaders and way-makers for your students.
Thank you for filling the gap and stepping in where others could not. Thank you for being you.

Your hard work never goes unnoticed, and City Year would only be half what it is with all of you. While we show special recognition during March, we encourage everyone to put themselves in the shoes of an AmeriCorps member. The early mornings, long days, and challenging tasks they face daily, all while making an impact, only scratches the surface of what it means to be a City Year AmeriCorps Member.

To our Corps members, keep striving for greatness, keep showing up even when it is hard and keep remembering the impact you make on your students’ lives every day.

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