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City Year Memphis

Memphis has a history of people standing up for what’s right. This is a city full of people committed to getting things done and has opportunities to both welcome and keep young professionals working in the city.

We are working to address the lack of equitable access to educational opportunities. Our City Year Memphis AmeriCorps members partner with teachers and schools to add more support and to help create learning environments where all students can build on their strengths and fully engage in their learning.

Ensuring more Memphis students are on track to high school graduation

Research shows that even academically prepared students are at risk of falling off track. City Year supported students, ensuring that:

  • 88% of students stayed on track in English Language Arts with a C or higher
  • 81% of students stayed on track in mathematics with a C or higher

Fewer off-track students

  • 73% of students who started the year with a D or F in English Language Arts courses who were tutored by City Year AmeriCorps members ended the year with an A, B or C
  • 54% of students who started the year with a D or F in math courses who were tutored by City Year AmeriCorps members ended the year with an A, B or C

Advancing interpersonal and workforce readiness skills

  • 61% of students who were identified as needing support made significant progress on key social-emotional skills related to college and career readiness

Partnering with teachers and principals

  • 100% of partner teachers agree that AmeriCorps members fostered a positive learning environment for learning

I really wanted this program where I can get eight to ten young people who are fully energized and want to give a year of service and help our students, who need someone to connect with them and make them feel like education is important.

Charles Newborn Principal, Brownsville Road Optional Elementary School

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Contributing to a clearer, bolder vision

of what public schools can and should be for all children: places of learning, exploration and risk-taking, where every student feels safe and connected to the school community.

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More than 40 AmeriCorps members positively impact nearly 2,500 students in Memphis.

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Our partners

Everything we do—every student and AmeriCorps member we support—would not be possible without our partners.

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City Year enables the leaders of tomorrow to impact our communities today. Join us in helping all students thrive.

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