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Serve with City Year in California & receive a larger Segal award

Did you know that AmeriCorps members who complete their service are eligible for a Segal Education Award—$6,895 (pre-tax) that can be applied toward past student loans, future college or grad school or even educational travel?

It’s part of the benefits package City Year AmeriCorps members receive. Now, for two sites in California (Los Angeles and Sacramento), that education award has been boosted to $10,000 (pre-tax)!

Serve with City Year in Los Angeles or Sacramento to receive a larger Segal award

Two City Year sites in California offer enhanced Segal Education Awards to AmeriCorps members

What comes to mind when you think of California? We certainly think about the beautiful weather, amazing beaches and national parks, great universities, and diverse cities. But we also think about the amazing students and communities we serve through the region. In LA, our dedicated corps members serve over 600,000 students in the Los Angeles Unified School District, supporting classrooms and helping students achieve their goals. In Sacramento, they serve 4,000 students across five partner schools in the Sacramento Unified School District.

Wherever you’re looking to serve, know that you’ll be working to address the lack of equitable access to educational opportunities in these vibrant communities—making a difference every day in students’ lives.

Though this work is worthwhile, it can be challenging. AmeriCorps members have long days—arriving at the school before their students arrive and heading home long after class has ended for the day.

On top of that, you’re working to support your students’ social-emotional and academic needs while balancing your own needs and responsibilities. It’s tough. But we offer all corps an array of benefits to support them through these aspects of service, including:

Serve in California, earn a $10,000 Segal Education Award

Additionally, after completing service, all AmeriCorps members receive the Segal Education Award—one of the key benefits of City Year service—worth $6,495 (pre-tax). It can be used to pay off student loans, future study, trade school and even education-focused travel abroad! We encourage all City Year corps members to make sure they apply to receive it, and you have seven years after you finish service to use this award.

But there is even better news for AmeriCorps members serving in two of our three California-based sites!

California for All—a state-government-sponsored initiative meant to foster economic equity for low-and-middle-income Californians—announced it would begin supplementing the Segal Education Award through a separate grant. This will bring the total award to $10,000 (pre-tax) for full-time City Year AmeriCorps members who serve in the state at our L.A. and Sacramento locations.

While the supplemented amount will have the same terms and conditions as the Segal Education Award, it will be dispersed through a separate process administered by California for All.

Because AmeriCorps members work hard to support the state’s youngest and brightest in realizing their potential, the California for All grant is meant to help corps members achieve their goals too. This is a unique opportunity for prospective corps members looking to maximize the benefits of City Year service—particularly for those with plans to continue their education afterward. But most importantly, it is a recognition of the valuable work corps members do every day in the classroom and communities across California.

Are you ready to answer the call to service in California? Connect with a recruiter today and learn more about how a year of service can change not only the lives of the students you serve but your own as well!

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