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The Year So Far– Wilson Wolves Edition

As we wrap up 2021, each of our school teams took the time to share updates and highlights from the service year so far. Read on for reflections and a look into the Wilson Elementary School team’s 2021!

Hello! We’re the 2021-22 Henry Wilson Elementary School Team!

Back (L to R): Joe H (ACM), Becca S (ACM), Morg L (ACM), Cooper T (ACM); Middle: Claire F (Service Leader); Front: Joshua R (Impact Manager)

The first half of this service year has been filled with many joyful moments, both big and small. Here are favorite moments from each member of our team:

""“During recess, I had a student who preferred to walk around with me rather than participate in other recess activities. We talked about their life in their home country, and they shared genuinely funny stories. One day, they told me that they didn’t feel like anyone other than my partner teacher or I cared to hear those stories. As the student said this to me, another student who I know is outgoing and kind was wandering by and I asked if they would want to share any stories with each other. Now I see them running around at recess together and talking more often than they used to. It makes me happy that my students have someone else they can tell their stories to.”
– Joe Hille, First-Year AmeriCorps Member


High five“One of my students had a hard time at the start of the school year. However, he was super passionate about basketball. As basketball tryouts began, it was a joy seeing that passion show through, and he showed more positivity and encouragement than I had seen from him in weeks. He encouraged his classmates to tell themselves they’d make the team, so they’d do better in tryouts! When he made the team, it warmed my heart when he excitedly told me the news first thing in the morning the next school day.”
– Becca Spaulding, First-Year AmeriCorps Member


""“A recent highlight is starting our Walking Bus initiative, where we walk students to and from school each day! It has been a long time in the making and I’m so happy we finally got to start. The students we have so far are great and we are hoping to add a few more soon!”
Claire Fortier, Service Leader


math symbols“One day, a student on my math focus list was having a difficult time being able to see patterns or being able to solve the problem in different ways. We worked together on various examples and visuals to represent the problem and as we were halfway through with the examples, they suddenly stopped and just filled in the rest of the answers. I asked them how they knew it was the correct answer and the student then walked me through the pattern they had noticed in the way the numbers added up. It was an awesome lightbulb moment, and amazing to see the student process what we’d talked about and worked on and then use it to tackle the rest of the problems!”
– Morg Loomis, First-Year AmeriCorps Member


“A highlight from the year so far was working together as a team to film a Henry Wilson Safety video about following school norms. The kids were all fired up about it and it was fun to act alongside them. Joe (a fellow CY) did a great job with direction and the final edit by my teammate Morg was hilarious.”
– Cooper Thompson, First-Year AmeriCorps Member


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