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About the uniform

Our uniform represents a big idea, one that you will be part of this year. While most uniform pieces will be provided by your site, there are some pieces that you’ll need to bring. We’ll break down everything you need to know so you are prepared!

The City Year uniform represents a big idea – that from year to year, school to school, city to city and generation to generation, there is an unbroken chain of idealism expressed by the young people of City Year through service to students, schools, communities and country. As City Year AmeriCorps members, you are now part of that chain of commitment, and you are its stewards.

In your red and yellow jackets, you are the stewards of this big idea and highly visible representatives of our mission, work and organizational values. Your uniform serves as a public display of your personal commitment to service—and the collective commitment of the entire City Year corps—and brings about the commitment of others.

Uniform pieces you’ll need to bring

You will need to purchase the following items:

  • Black pants and/or black skirts: Pants should ideally fall straight, just above the sole of the shoe. No jeans, leggings, yoga pants, joggers or sweatpants. Skirts should be knee-length or longer.
  • Black belt: a plain black belt with a simple buckle.
  • Black closed toe shoes: We prefer all black footwear, but if there are accents, please have them be neutral colors. No brightly colored options.
  • Socks: Express yourself! Please keep any graphics appropriate for schools and in line with AmeriCorps and City Year policies.
  • Tights or leggings: Black or neutral tights or leggings may be worn with skirts.
  • Winter accessories (hat, gloves, scarves): preferably plain black; neutral colors/minimal patterns allowed.

Uniform pieces that will be provided

Upon arrival at your site, City Year will provide the following items:

  • Red or yellow City Year jacket
  • Red or yellow all-weather shell
  • Gray oxford shirt
  • Four gray polo shirts
  • Red or yellow full zip (black for returning AmeriCorps members)
  • Black cardigan
  • Four City Year T-shirts
  • City skyline T-shirt
  • City Year backpack
  • City Year AmeriCorps name tag
  • Black winter hat (at some sites)

Your site will follow up with more information on the ordering process and timing for these uniform pieces as the start of service approaches.

General uniform policies

Your uniform has three distinct variations of the items listed above, each for a different aspect of your service and training experience.

Student success coach uniform

The centerpiece of your uniform complement is the City Year AmeriCorps student success coach uniform, which you wear while serving in schools. This uniform identifies you in school as a trusted partner and a full-time tutor, mentor and role model to the students we serve.

  • City Year polo or oxford
  • Black pants or black skirt
  • Name tag
  • Belt
  • Black shoes
  • City Year backpack

Training uniform

A simple and comfortable uniform designed to promote unity of purpose during training sessions that you will receive throughout your year of service.

  • City Year T-shirt: service shirt or City Year skyline shirt
  • Black pants or black skirt
  • Name tag
  • Belt
  • Black shoes
  • City Year backpack

Physical service uniform

You will be engaged periodically in physical service projects that transform public spaces used by our students, schools and communities, including painting school and community meeting rooms, refurbishing school libraries and renovating playgrounds.

  • City Year T-shirt: service shirt or City Year skyline shirt
  • Name tag
  • Khaki pants
  • Belt
  • Comfortable sneakers or shoes you are willing to get dirty may be worn
  • City Year backpack
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