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Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment

City Year is proud to partner with Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment, offering annual $5,000-$10,000 tuition fellowships.

Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment offers City Year AmeriCorps members, alums and staff

$5,000-$10,000 fellowships

The Service Volunteer Fellowship offers a minimum merit aid package of $5,000-$10,000 (depending on your total length of service), which will be awarded to all City Year applicants who are admitted to a qualifying master’s degree program. The award may be renewed each academic year for up to two years.

Fellowships are awarded to City Year AmeriCorps members and alums who complete at least one term of service and City Year staff employed for at least two years.

The fellowships described above represent the minimum awards; admitted applicants will receive full consideration for additional school-supported merit scholarships and need-based grants (as available), based on their application for admission.

Eligible programs

Additional benefits

  • There is no fee to apply.
  • Enrollment deferral: Deferrals are granted for one year for City Year applicants. Approved deferral requests require receipt of your tuition deposit. Should you choose to defer enrollment, you will forfeit your deposit and be required to reapply for future admission consideration. Any financial aid award(s) will be canceled and re-evaluated alongside the next admitted student class, and a new FAFSA will be required.

Why City Year loves Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment

Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment provides opportunities for purpose-driven individuals to learn about or pursue careers that make positive contributions to the environment and the world. It brings together bright, talented and ambitious people from across the globe whose interests vary from conservation to climate change and everything in between.

To apply

Please visit the School of the Environment’s admissions website to apply online.

To identify your City Year affiliation

Please indicate your City Year service dates and description of service in the appropriate sections of the online application, as well as on your résumé.

To apply for the scholarship

To be considered for the scholarship, please email with “Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment: City Year verification letter request” in the subject line. Within the email, include the site where you served and dates of service. Once this letter is emailed back to you, please upload your letter on the “supplemental uploads” tab of the online application. This letter must be on City Year’s letterhead, signed and dated and include your term(s) of service dates.

Eligibility for the Service Volunteer Fellowship will be determined by what is in the letter; therefore, please make sure the entirety of your service term(s) is reflected in the uploaded letter. Service volunteers who did not complete their service because of disciplinary reasons are not eligible for the Service Volunteer Fellowship. If you are eligible, the fellowship will be included in the financial aid letter sent to you after admission.

To contact the admissions office

To contact the admissions team, please call (919) 613-8070 or email

Please note that all admissions and scholarship decisions are made by the educational institution. AmeriCorps members, alums and staff interested in these scholarships must complete the full application process for the institution. Please pay close attention to deadlines and consider beginning work on your applications early in the year.

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